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A mason aged 30 years came to me with the complaint of vertigo since a few days.. His vertigo was worse by lying in bed and turning sides, He had no other problem. I gave him conium 200, After four days he reported no relief. He told me that he could not lie down in bed and sleep, he had to sit down  to avoid vertigo, so whole night he was sitting in the bed. On looking into the repertory, i found Lac Def. covering both the rubrics, vertigo turning sides in bed and also vertigo aggravated lying down in bed, must sit up, which cured him of his annoying trouble. He came specially to tell me about it. 

In my practice, i used lac def for the first time in case of vertigo. Sometimes the key note symptom is so strong that we fail to take notice of the accompanying symptoms, moreover the patients also are not able to convey the problem with its modalities at first instance. It is only after our way of asking questions that they start focusing on their problem and are able to tell us in their subsequent visits.   

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In case of vertigo & spondilitis, modelities has an importent role in selection of medicine. Dr.Batra you are right, first we try disease [vertigo] medicine if no result then asking other questions, this all is not possible in first visit---
I searched and searched, then found the rubrics:
VERTIGO: SITTING; amel. bed, up in: ars, carc, hell, LAC-D, phos, puls
VERTIGO: TURNING: Agg. bed, in: BELL, bor, both-a, CACT, calc-p, carb-v, cean, coloc, CON, eps-b, gran, GRAPH, ind, kalm, LAC-D, lach, mang, meph, nat-sil, phos, rhus-t, succ, sulph

And there are other remedies. We see phos in both, as well, but not in high grade.


Lac-d also has Vertigo; closing eyes; agg.; lying, while:
Thanks Dr. Saraswat and Debby, this is the way we learn.
Hi Dr,
VERTIGO - SITTING, while - up in bed - amel
VERTIGO - CLOSING eyes, on - amel. - lying, while
VERTIGO - FALL, tendency to - right, to
VERTIGO - LYING - down, on (in the act of)
VERTIGO - LYING - side - left, agg.
VERTIGO - MOTION - head; of
VERTIGO - OBJECTS - move - right; to the
VERTIGO - REACHING with the hands up, on
VERTIGO - RIDING - carriage; in a
VERTIGO - SWAYING - right, to
VERTIGO - TURNING - head; or moving the
In so many rubrics Lac.d is mentioned. But when the patient comes to us, we may miss most of the time. Thanks for sharing your case
With regards,
Dr Poonam Batra, Really appreciate you for the cure of the patient,so quickly.
In fact vertigo cases are very difficult to cure, as these are indicative of much disturbed vital force.
One more query, do you normally consult MM, after selection of the remedy through repertory, or it is enough to select the remedy, using repertory of your choice.
Thanks Dr. Bahl, i always confirm from Materia Medica, before final prescription.
If the key note symptoms are so strong then it is not important to take notice of the accompanying symptoms.
Pt. could not lie down in bed and sleep. He had to sit down to avoid vertigo. Whole night he was sitting in the bed. Perfect symptoms to select Lac.Def.( The Skimmed Milk ).
Thanks for providing such type of acurate prescribing...


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