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We have lost a dedicated HWC member who devoted himself to his family and homeopathy.  Kuram Srinivasachar Anand passed away at the age of 70 on March 21st, 2017 at 7:45 pm. He has left behind two beautiful children, Kavitha and Suryamithra, two grandchildren, Neerava and Samarth, his loving wife, Manjula, and a brother.

Anand was always interested in medicine and had a very strong passion for learning. He would research the subject of his interest to the greatest depths. He gave all his energy to studying and practicing homeopathy as his service to the community. 

We will all be missing one good homeopath and give our deepest condolences to his family. He showed kindness, generosity, enthusiasm to learn; willingly shared his knowledge of homeopathy; actively participated by contributing his special computer skills will be missed.

Anand was associated with a number of study groups in India and was in touch with Dr. Mamatha and Dr.  Kalathia. He was an active member and shared numerous cases on the forum. Unfortunately, when he left the website all of his posts disappeared. If anyone has correspondences that they would like to contribute we welcome them here. 

In addition, Anand hand-made several remedies in centesimal potency: Karela, Curry leaves and Neem leaves that he said could provide some improvement in reducing sugar levels.

Kavitha Kukunoor was in close contact with Anand via study forums, such as the Mammals given by Dr Kalathia and even spoke with him just three days before he passed. Everyone was in shock, because everything happened suddenly, even though we do not have much information about the cause of death.

Kavitha came close to him through her book "Beyond The Limits."   They were working together to edit and update the book with Anand's talents in the computer field to make an electronic copy to upload. Unfortunately, this project was not complete before he left this world. In fact, when Kavitha went home to India they met in person and Anand even met her parents. Anand helped Kavitha make a copy of her dad's writing that was written in Telugu through special software. 

  • "I sincerely thank him and applaud all the help he did personally for me and HWC.  May God rest his soul in peace. Lovingly, Kavi"

We have some words from Anand when Kavitha asked hie to write about himself and what he would say to kids.

  • “I was born in a family of nine children. My mother was an accomplished Hindi Pracharak, and my father a government official. In her later year, my mother studied SSLC, PUC, BA and MA in Hindi. I have not seen another great achiever in my family circles.

    I had an uneventful childhood, was above average in studies, passed Engineering in 1968 and joined the Indian Telephone Industries as an Assistant Engineer. That was when my life changed, I excelled in every department. I worked and my practical knowledge grew in leaps and bounds and even today, I am regarded as the best engineer full of ideas.

    Even at 70 years of age, I am a consulting engineer at a group of factories. They feel that even talking with me will improve their performance.

    I married early and have two children a son and a daughter who are settled in their own lives. My wife takes care of me without any expectations. In 2000, I retired and in 2003, I settled in my own house in Bangalore. To spend time, I started studying Homeopathy and till to date I read homeopathy and attend learning sessions with local doctors. I have no practice as such, but a few cases come in my way for me to solve. I am dedicated to studying homeopathy and will continue to do so as far as I can. I have good friends including your mother who has excelled herself in her multiple roles of life. I hope others take a leaf of out of her life of dedication. Best Wishes."

    Anand is the author of a book entitled, "Veiled Path"


Below is a case he showed that I hope he approves sharing.

A Case of severe pain in coccyx region. Male 58 years.

In the year 2008, my younger brother (58 years) was suffering from pain in coccyx region.  He consulted the family physician, an X-Ray revealed nothing. He was advised to take some pain killers. The pain did not go away. He was not able to sit properly since it was painful.

I devised a pad with a hole and he was able to sit on it without pain. The coccyx region was matching with the hole in the pad.  He used to carry that when he drove his car, but was not able to use it when he drove his two wheeler scooter. 

He tried many remedies, including Ayurvadic, homeopathy, allopathy and was distressed at the failure. I was studying Dr. Sehgal's method of homeopathy at the time, so I started analyzing his mental indications. I asked him what does he think of his ailment. 

He said, "I do not understand, what is this problem? I think nobody ever suffered with this unspecific problem.  I am trying every type of method available to cure it but it is not going away. I have a problem in movement also since I am not able to


I asked, "What about homeopathy?"

He said, "I tried Arnica, hypericum, ruta, and other pain killers. I studied in some booklets on homeopathy.  My homeopathic doctor is also trying, but she is not successful since six months. Why don't you try since you are also studying Homeopathy?"

I started thinking about this and started jotting some rubrics of his mental state.

I used Mind section of Synthetic repertory.

MIND — Perseverance: aconite, bryonia, capsicum, digital, dros, guare, lyc, nat-c, nit-ac, nux-v, phos, sulph 

MIND — Light, desire for: aconite, am-m, asar, bell, calc, cann-s, carbo-an, gels,  grin,  lac-c,  nat-m, phos, plumbum, ruta, sanic, stram, valer  

MIND — Delusion, seized as if: canth, hyos, phos

My brother is very dynamic in family gatherings and steals the lime-light with his unusual antics and talks with unknown guests as if they are his old friends.

MIND — Magnetized, desire to be: calc, lach, nat-c, phos, sil 

I could not think of anythin at that time and decided to try phos and gave him phos 30, phos 200, phos 1m and phos 10m each in single dose at 2 weeks intervals.

I was thoroughly disappointed with the result.  Nothing changed in those two months.  One night, I was thinking about his problem and what went wrong with my case taking. Then I started thinking about what was bugging him at the present apart from the pain.  He is fond of meeting friends and chatting etc.  But, at that time he had the duty of taking care of his grandchild, dropping him to school and bringing him back from school etc.  This was done earlier by a servant maid but for

some reasons, the maid left the job and the onus fell on my brother. Because of this, his movements were restricted. Also, he was complaining of the food prepared by the cook his son employed. Suddenly I remembered a rubric I read. I opened the synthetic repertory and searched for the rubric.

MIND — Undertakes, things opposed to his intentions: Phos, Sep.

In this case, he was eating food not to his liking and the work of taking care of the child which he did not like. I pondered over this and thought this was his present problem, so I gave him two doses of Sep 30C, since, I had already tried phosphorus and asked him to take one dose per day for two days.

Presto! The pain vanished within a couple of days and has not returned until this day.  I wonder how it happened?

In various rubrics about Coccyx, (about 28 and not counting the sub-rubrics) Sepia does not appear anywhere ( Phatak Repertory).  Somewhere I read Dr. Kent saying "a strong mental often cures even if the remedy is not indicated by particulars."

The late Dr. Sehgal also said the same thing.  HAIL HOMEOPATHY.

*   *  *

Thank you to Kavitha Kukunoor for providing this Memoriam. 

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Thank you Debby for sharing my experiences that I had with Anand.

RIP- Very sad to loose a kind person, a dedicated homeopath, a good friend etc etc etc

May God rest his soul in peace.

When I find any of Anand's writings I will post here:

Shocked to hear. RIP

Extremely saddened to hear that Dr Kurram Anand is no more. May his soul rest in peace, and may the prayers of those helped by him give him peace. Dr Kavita's story with Kurram was also interesting.

Once again we will be missing him on HWC. May Lord keep you happy up there Amen;

Remembering our beloved HWC friend Anand Kuram on this day.

He will always remain in our memories. We all Miss him so much.

Dr Kavitha Kukunoor

HWC Administrator


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