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When October Pink Month Rolls Around, Consider This . . .



Learning The Truth About A Money Industry Based Upon
Selling Pink To The Public and Women and

Planned Parenthood



When ordinary people do a simple thing it changes the world. What does this sentence mean to you and me? What 'simple' thing shall we do?


All of this activity preys, not prays, upon women's fear of this dreaded disease. No longer does a woman have to be born into a family with cancer. Although a contributing factor, no safety net exists if no other relatives have been afflicted.



The many so called "unknown causes" that they say the industry searches to find sits right under everyone's noses. People know about them. The causes that alternative health practitioners of every persuasion state clearly and list including: both indoor and outdoor environmental pollution from chemicals and hormone altering sprays, liquids, drugs, pesticides, insecticides, the manufacturing processes that insert chemical into foods and denature them, the genetically modified seeds, plants and animals, the pollution in our waterways and atmosphere, the continual accumulation of heavy metals and radioactive materials and wastes. Must I say more?



We already know the causes. Where we need to allocate these billions of dollars does not include into manufacturing more deadly drugs or vaccinations. No! Stop that nonsense. We need to start locally in each of our homes to clean up any products or building materials that use harsh chemicals and heavy metals.


We need to clean our water reservoirs, streams, lakes, and waterways that carry the fresh mountain runoff that gets polluted by animal waste and other toxins.


We need to stop bottling in plastics that do not biodegrade and put more xenoestrogens into our environment.




Pinkwashing has reached a new low this year with "Promise Me," a perfume commissioned by the giant of the breast cancer movement, Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Promise Me contains chemicals not listed in the ingredients that: (a) are regulated as toxic and hazardous, (b) have not been adequately evaluated for human safety, and (c) have demonstrated negative health effects.



I'm not so sure I'm behind the motivation for this  Pinkwashing campaign. But, I am behind ridding the environment of selling everything the color pink in the name of Komen and the Cancer Industry. They do not help women live right, eat right, protect their health or their family's health.



I can think of a billion better ways to spend a billion dollars. That's an exaggeration. I can probably think of at least ten good ways to spend a billion dollars and make this world a better place, instead of manufacturing more pink goods to sell to people who can't afford them. After Komen has literally raised billions of dollars, that's more than millions, that's billions, the rate of breast cancer keeps rising. You cannot white wash those numbers.


  • Yet, breast cancer rates in North America have risen to 1 in 8. "What's going on?" asks Barbara Brenner in Pink Ribbons, Inc. a new film coming in 2012.



I'm going to see when this documentary plays in my area to learn about 'who really profits from pink ribbon campaigns,' as if we couldn't guess. In the film, you will meet women with metastatic breast cancer from the IV League support group of Austen, Texas who openly tell us their stories. Only 23% of the money raised by Susan G. Koman goes to health care. The rest of the money goes to salaries and operating expense for the foundation.



I pray and hope that people will learn about homeopathy and that an awareness campaign for energy healing will bring a better solution to those in need.


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The astounding power of Twitter to affect change and to make sure those with influence hear the voice of the people can be seen from the change in Komen's decision to fund Planned Parenthood. Use your voice on Twitter and connect with other like-minded people

The New York Times reports that by the end of just one week, Twitter users had sent more than 1.3 million posts mentioning Planned Parenthood, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation and related terms and hashtags. On Thursday alone, there were more than 460,000 Tweets.

Susan B Komen org is a fraud manipulated by the media. Consumers are donating money to this Pink Washing cancer research without fully understanding what is truly behind it. Just like with the American cancer inst and The National cancer inst. All frauds! Not one mention of cancers cured by homeopathy! Why not you ask? Cancer is big business that's why. The cure has been found decades ago!


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