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Here on HWC we have our ideals, goals and desires for improving the status of Homeopathy in the world. We will begin our efforts together this week. Everything we learn will be applicable to our personal work and community efforts in all arenas. Whether we advocate homeopathy, a cleaner environment, freedom to choose, and global health-care campaigns. I hope you will join in the twitter and WHAW training. Test what you learn in all topics that you love.



Pioneering British businesswoman stands up to the European Parliament
to protect the health, choice and rights of UK citizens.

" I am therefore, calling on everyone to JOIN HANDS IN HEALTH today,
because we only have until 31 December '09 to stop this madness.

Otherwise, on 1st JANUARY 2010, the UK population will be waking up to a
21st Century nightmare ".

"We need to ACT NOW!"

EUthreats to restrict and eventually eradicate people's choice of
naturalfoods and remedies in the UK, received a wake-up call in the form
of Dounne Alexander MBE, whois on a mission to stop this catastrophe and
safeguard the nation'shealth from further decline.

Dounne says,

"The end goal is for the MEPsto sign an OPT OUT Declaration,which will be
sent within the next 2 weeks to the Prime Minister,Opposition Leaders and
every member from both houses of Parliament,urging the UK Government to
reject these EU Directives before the 31stDecember'09 deadline. And in its
place, establish an independent Legal Framework fornatural foods and
herbal supplements, in order to preserve ourenvironment; protect health
businesses and secure a healthier life forfuture generations".

Dounne is the first to single-handedly stand up tothe EU, which was
televised by the BBC.

Dounne received a special invitation from Godfrey Bloom MEP and on
Wednesday 11th November'09,took her case to all 700 EU members in the
European Parliament inBrussels. Dounne says; "Being Armistice Day, it was
a poignant reminderof the millions of UK & Commonwealth soldiers who so
gallantlyfought and died to preserve our Sovereignty, Democracy & Freedom.
And although each year the Queen, Prime Minister and Ministers stand
alongside the nation, to pay public tribute by solemnly promising to
'always remember and never forget their sacrifice'…behind the scenes and
under duress, our leaders have unwisely handedover total control and power
to a non-democratic corporation such as theEuropean Union".She left no-one
in any doubt of her intention to make it a majorelection issue; by
exposing their hidden agendas and will beencouraging everyone not to vote
for any Parliamentary Member who does not openly protect their health and

Creditedas being the 'one of the most influential women in the UK',
Dounnereacted immediately and strategically, when she found out that new
EUregulations will eventually eliminate and drastically reduce
theeffectiveness of many essential herbs, vitamins and supplementscommonly
used today. This not only threatens ancient traditions such asChinese,
African & Indian practices but also the survival of themajority of small
health businesses and practitioners. With almost allbeneficial natural
products being banned within a matter of years, thereal nightmare will be
felt in the UK around 2011, when the public willwitness the greatest
infringement on natural healthcare.

Thefear is that organic foods will gradually be eradicated and, in
itsplace, genetically modified (GM), irradiated and other unnatural
foodswill be promoted as a cheaper, healthier option. This will
ultimatelydestroy the environment and create an increasingly 'sick
society'dependant solely on artificial foods and prescription medication.
Justthis month, the Grocer Magazine reported the first GM Omega 3 from
Soyaoil, produced by the GM food giant Monsanto, was approved by
theAmerican Food & Drugs Administration (FDA); stating that it
wouldprovide a cheaper and more plentiful source for supplements,
margarinesand ready meals. Dounne says, "GM foods are dead 'infertile'
foods,void of any life-force; people need to wake up to the long-term
impactthey will have on our health and environment. GM foods are
alsoaltering the natural eco-system which has maintained us since

Founderof GRAMMA'S, Dounne (60) was honoured by the Queen with the MBE in
2007for service to the British Food Industry and has been
spearheading'traditional natural healthcare' for over 20 years. She is
apassionate believer in 'divine purpose, spiritual consciousness and
astrong advocate of traditional self-healing', based on the
ancientprinciple that natural foods are meant to feed and heal. She says;

"100years ago sickness was rare (through the sole use of natural foods
andherbal supplements)… but sickness has now reached pandemic
proportionsusing conventional drugs. If prescription drugs worked, we
should allbe in good health".

Shebelieves that pressure from UK & EU Regulators is all part of ahidden
agenda by the 'powers that be' to prevent the sale of largenumbers of food
supplements, herbal and other natural products.

"It'shard to find any justification other than the elimination
ofcompetition by destroying health businesses to secure maximum profitsfor
the pharmaceutical industry."

Her own business was directly affectedthis year, when the 'Medicines and
Healthcare produts RegulatoryAgency' (MHRA) forced her to stop the
production and sells of a uniqueherbal product, which in 2008 was approved
by the Public HealthMinister for use in hospitals and hospices. Dounne
believes that itcould be one of the most innovative British products,
withextraordinary health benefits ranging from cancer, heart
disease,strokes, seizures, diabetes, high blood pressure, incontinence,
foodpoisoning, allergies, skin disorders and lots more. Therefore, she
iscurrently challenging the MHRA's decision that her product is
a'medicine' and not a 'herbal food supplement'. This has nothing to dowith
safety or effectiveness but all about obtaining a 'medicallicense' costing
up to £250,000. Hundreds of similar businesses arebeing challenged all
over Europe by what looks set to be the mostrestrictive regulatory system
ever witnessed in the Western world.

Furthermore, laws such as the 1939 Cancer Act wascreated to prevent the
public from being informed about any naturalproduct that is beneficial for
cancer. Even when proven safe, effectiveor if scientific evidence exists,
it is a criminal offence to produce,promote or sell it to cancer
sufferers. Therefore, people are sufferingand dying needlessly from
treatable conditions like heart disease,diabetes, HIV/AIDS and cancer.
Apart from withholding such vital 'lifesaving' information; healthcare
practitioners are also being fined,imprisoned or both for restoring health
by natural means". Dounne says,

" As cancer is now affecting 1 in 3 of the UK population, then
thelikelihood of one member in every family falling prey to this
dreadfuldisease is extremely high". So she asked the MEPs "Whatwould you
do when it touches you or yours? OR how would you feel if aloved-one who
has died… could have possibly been saved?"

TheMHRA have more powers than the police and are raiding and
confiscatingproducts from legitimate practitioners, hence driving
naturalhealthcare underground. This means that our freedom to choose or
totake responsibility of our own lives is being taken-away.

"To make matters worse, information is being deliberately withheld from
thegeneral public to avoid resistance. The truth is incredibly
disturbing.What appears on the surface to be 'consumer health protection'
behindthe scenes is actually 'legalised health suicide'. But the
scariestpart of it is that majority of UK citizens do not know or realise
thatwe need to ACT NOW!" Dounne says.

"I am therefore, calling on everyone to JOIN HANDS IN HEALTH' today
because we only have until 31 December '09 to stop this madness.
Otherwise, on 1st.JANUARY 2010, the UK population will be waking up to a
21st.century nightmare".

Dounne formed the 'Joining Hands in Health' campaignnot only to reveal
exactly what is going on behind the scenes, but togalvanise the nation;
all natural healthcare practitioners andinterested parties to stop this in
its tracks.

"It is said that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, therefore please educate yourself by
visiting our website and view recent television interview 'ON THE EDGE'
with myself and Dr. Robert Verkerk (Science Director of the Alliance for
Natural Health); plus 'We Become Silent - the Last Days of Health Freedom'
- narrated by Dame Judi Dench.

We need to ACT NOW!"

information please visit;, or to show support
for Dounne and 'Consumer Health Choice' please email (*please copy and paste email address if
this link does not work).

All the best…. and THANK YOU!!!!!

Ms India Moore

Campaign Coordinator.

Warm wishes from
Jenni Tree
Editor, Homeopath

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