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Thank you to Neela for bringing this news to our attention

Medindia | The physician to Japanese Emperor Akihito and top scientists have slammed homeopathy as an "absurd" medicine, urging health workers to stay clear of the alternative treatment as it grows in popularity.

"I cannot help but feel strong bewilderment" over the recent rise in homeopathy's use as a treatment in Japan, said Ichiro Kanazawa, who chairs the prestigious Science Council of Japan.

A truly unfortunate announcement in Tokyo by the Japanese Emperor's physician and Japanese scientists to call homeopathy 'absurd' and their recommendation to the public to stay away from this most healing of all medicines. As medical sciences lose their credibility, everyone in Japan, it seems, moving towards CAM treatments, which means loss of face and loss of revenue. Of course, they will begin to call names on those who gain respect for improving life through gentle and permanent cure.

How can you explain Japanese Science Council's bewilderment in the rise of homeopathy's prestige and approval? The most hilarious part for all their accusations that homeopathy does not conform to 'science' shows their ignorance of the basic laws of nature, which is the foundation stone of homeopathy.

The scientist cite ONE INCIDENT of a two-month-old baby girl who died of a cerebral haemorrhage in Japan after she was given a homeopathic remedy instead of the normal treatment of vitamin K. I would love for them to cite the thousands of deaths caused by drugs and medical interventions. I am always reminded of the hand the points one finger at others, while four fingers point back to the self. However, those are more hidden while the pointer finger stands out. They can hide their own mistakes no longer, as the media finally write articles about drug induced side-effects, deaths due to vaccinations, and life debility due to some surgeries. 

  • "One of the more dramatic examples of suppression involves the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), Vioxx, which was developed to treat arthritis. By the time Vioxx had been taken off the market in 2004, the FDA estimated that it had resulted in 28,000 cardiovascular-related deaths. It is now believed that this was a low estimate and that the true death toll between 1999 and 2004 was somewhere around 90,000 - 140,000. (1) The salient point here is that these deaths were not merely "side effects" of Vioxx. The fact that Vioxx was so effective at suppressing arthritic conditions is the very same reason why so many developed compensatory cardiovascular problems. This mutation from arthritis to heart attacks is a reality that the medical establishment fails to understand. 
    • Huffington Post | Larry Malerba, D.O. Practicioner, educator and leader in the field of holistic medicine 
The media draft news articles purposefully putting homeopathy in a negative light, one to cast doubt by the minds of humankind. Just because their limited thinking is faulty, they try to delude and convince others that homeopathy is "impossible" instead of telling people to believe their own sensations when they feel improvement from treatment.
  • "In some cases, the dilution is so high that it is almost impossible to find one molecule of the original raw material," the WHO said in a February report.
  • Kanazawa argued that "because it is only water, of course it has no therapeutic effects, not to mention 'side effects'".
The amazing thing is that homeopathy does not need to have an 'argument,' only those scientist against homeopathy need to 'fight' to protect their turf. They made their bed, now they must sleep in it, as it is said. They protect their belief system, that there is nothing beyond ONLY the material. Yet, how can they be living, breathing entities without a vital force keeping them alive. All the dead bodies would be up walking and talking if only material substance caused life, vigor, and energy.
  • Arguments supporting homeopathy have "no scientific basis and are nothing but absurd", he said, stressing that medical workers "must exclude non-science such as homeopathy and play the role of spreading
    true science".
These groups that need to protect the massive infrastructure of medicate, drug, debilitate, cut, burn and continue to suppress the individual presently gathering steam to defend themselves act on the offensive.

How shall the homeopathic and other CAM communities react?
  • The Japan Homeopathic Medical Association, grouping more than 500 occupational homeopaths, launched a counter-offensive by citing studies on the medicine's positive effects.
One major victory for homeopaths, that people should retain the right of FREE CHOICE in their medical care, remains unfortunately posted at the END of the article instead of where it would gain more visibility at the top.

  • But Kanazawa, while noting that using homeopathy is an individual choice, said "the big problem is that patients may miss the opportunity to receive solid, effective treatments because they engage in homeopathy".
Then to conclude, they instill fear with one short sentence. And, yet, what about all the other treatment methods in use today that also take live? No word on that.
  • "It can take lives."


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AWESOME SOUZA! Thank you so much. Great production.
It should be added that they do not mention another large association that has summoned the Japanese Science Council (which is a very conservative and aggressively so association, by the way) for a public debates about the issue. There is a group of medical doctors who are for Integrative Care, they have a number of divisions, and among them an Association for Integrative Care with Homeopathy, which comprises only medical doctors and has links with Organisations like The Faculty of Homeopathy in UK. So this Association has published a protest and suggested public debates, saying that the death of the baby has resulted not from homeopathy being "just water" but because the homeopathic remedy called "Vitamin K" (anyone heard of such?) should not have been given instead of the real Vitamin K, and homeopathy as a system is known to have produced clear clinical effects according to reports from various countries outside Japan.

I was actually thinking if maybe people from Homeopathic Associations from other countries should send protests like a group of Pakistani Homeopaths have been writing to someone in UK.

THe Homeopathic group that is mentioned in the article publishes Japanese transaltion of notes from such people like Lionel Milgrom, and if somebody else would like to support the cause of homeoapthy in Japan - which is now under much attack, many people buy the infamous "Trick or Treatment" which was published in Japanese earlier this year, and due to lack of knowledge about what homeopathy is, fail, of course, to notice the "tricks" in the book showing that the authors do not know much about the subject that they write about... at least in case of homeopathy.

I think one can try the English site of this Homeopathic Association and contact them from there, I guess they will publish on their site all additional comments if such arrive in the support of homeopathy

But the important part is that everybody in the end of their critical passage states that "using homeopathy is a personal choice", so at this point nobody is actually thinking about banning homeopathy...

A difficult aspect in Japan is that there are actually existing so many cults here that reject conventional care and sometimes one sees news about them, like recently another baby died of "atopic dermatitis" because the parents "beleived" what a guru has been telling them that putting a hand against a person (which is supposed to carry/project the Chi at the person being "treated" - well, I guess there are actually people who might be truly able to do it, but not your average citizen, of course...) is going to heal there baby. This incident was only this last spring, but there was nothing close to a current uproar against homeopathy aimed at that cult, so a thinking person might have doubts - what is the difference? Why is it that homeopathy, and nothing else, enrages the medical associations so much... But at least now almost everyone - who reads news papers or internet - knows about homeopathy, while previously it was virtually unknown...

Debby, you write "instead of telling people to believe their own sensations" - that's exactly the point - they like to tell you that you should not believe your own sensation, but only what the experts - doctors and such - tell you, that's something that has baffled me in the beginning, but I also think that a lot of people actually feel so, think of remedy alumina, for example, a person is not sure if it is themselves who speaks, or think that they can only speak or hear "through" someone else's mouth or ears. Trying to tell such people to believe their sensation is kind of useless.
One more link - the Medical Association for Homeopathy that suggests Public Debates is called "Japanese Physicians Society for Homeopathy" and they give a link to Homeopathic Liga Medicorum.
Their e-mail is given at the bottom of the page, so if someone might wish to contact them and offer help with clinical evidence for homeopathy I think they might welcome it at the moment.
Oh, and I forgot to give the background to all this campaign - the working committee of the Government since last winter has been considering to add a number of alternative treatments into the Government insurance scheme, and in April it became clear that 16 such treatments, including homeopathy, were poised for this - somehow other therapies like aromatherapy or even music therapy have not attracted anyone's attention in nearly as much a high degree as homeopathy.
Dear Debby this was the same article which I posted in Blog when I read in Med India as u have also posted it I removed that article, The main purpose was to make everyone aware of it.
Dear Neela - the post you created was blank, so I reposted here and gave credit for your awareness. THANK YOU!
One more addition,

Actually the campaign started a month ago, when one of the leading newspapers, Asahi newspaper, has first published a large column about the death of the baby. What they did not stress, however, is that this practice - of giving "Vitamin K remedy", whatever it may be instead of the real VItamin K, appears to be widewpread in the countries' midwife's clinics for more than 10 years, and this is the FIRST and ONLY case of haemorrhage. I wonder what the rates of such haemorrhage are on the whole, in hospital births, that is. The homeopathic association implicated in the incident states that of those children that have haemorrhage - the percentage of which is not high, of course, but not zero, - so of those children that have had the haemorrhage, 12 percent were given the routine Vitamin K and had the haemorrhage regardless, so it's not quite clear how much does the dose of Vitamin K reduce the odds of having this condition.

But returning to the comment - one would wonder why the foreign media agencies did not pick the subject right away, but published this now, is it that the campaign just needs to get going, and they do not wish it to die out to a simple discussion by the people who grew interested? (A rhetoric question, of course.)
Could it be that the powers that be were slow to catch on that they could take advantage of this event?


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