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Dear HWC Members

I don't know if you logged in to listen to Jane Goodall today. Listening to this wise sage speak about the animal world, the state of our environment, the quality of seeds and foods, and the importance of educating the public has touched my heart.

Many people today predict the next planetary extinction and Dr Robbins asks Jane her opinions on these looming conditions of floods, droughts, tsunami's, earthquakes and more. Do you have hope? 


The 2014 Food Revolution Summit continues from April 26-May 4. That means between now and the Reverse Diabetes World Summit, we will have a whole month of programming to learn how to improve health, the environment and move closer toward making better choices. I'm sure many of these experts will affirm what we already know and have overlapping information.

Did William Shakespeare predict the movement in understanding the contemporary food revolution? He said, "A man loves the meat in his youth, that he cannot endure in his age."  

You can start to listen to the audio recordings right now!

Food Revolution Summit Click to register and listen.

Food Revolution Summit Empowerment Package Sales Page: If you want to download all programming, don't feel you have time to listen during the live shows, want this information to share with clients, family and friends.


Food Revolution Network Home Page: Fabulous blogs with tons of information and ability to comment via FaceBook

Hope this has been helpful to you and your practice. We need lots of support and unity. We need constant reminders to keep on the straight and narrow path. We need the information and words to assist others heal. AND, we need the passion of experts and leaders to guide us forward

Creating waves of awareness and tons of love to heal the world.


Did you miss Dr Kulbhushan on Monday on the Health Inn Show all about FEARS AND PHOBIAS? The archive is available.

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