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Is There Any Difference Between Drug Pictures At Hahnemann's Time And Modern Era?

Is there any difference between cinchona officinalis of Hahnemannian time and the present era? 


Are some changes taken place in its chemical compositions as per changes in environment? 


If yes, the drug picture of that time must be changed today. 


Thus, do we need to reprove these modern materials?

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In Goa our garden we would grow Brahmi (Indian plant used as memory tonic). And I would tell my family that Goan soil is red (rich in ferrum) and the same plant grown in the foothills of Himalayas will have different chemical composition.

I guess it the difference will be the same as in Anacardium Orientale and Anacardium occidentale.

In fact if we consider naturopathy rule that the flora and fauna of a region is best suited for consumption of people in that region then ideally we should try to use  homoepathic remedies from plants grown in  that region.

Thanks. I agree with these points.

You are absolutely right on this issue.The world has changed,due to global warming, use of pesticides and chemicals being poured into earths belly, not only on land but in our oceans also.


These are bringing quantum changes in our flora and fauna.Will these toxic agents not affect our natural condition?

Yes time is right to re do provings and compare the results with yesteryear results and compare them with today's.


We can start with the proving of some of our polychrest and why not Cinchona? The "mother" of homeopathic medicines.


Some work may have bee done by research labs in India, but we may not be aware of it.


Yes its time to investigate,to give credence to our medicines.Thank you for bringing up this timely topic. 


Thank you sir. These are the points which was seeking..


It would be interesting to know the difference(if any and also the extent of difference) between formerly proven medicine and currently proven medicine.

Really, we must study that... Regards.

Dr Aadil says they have projects reproving the old major remedies and finding new symptoms. 

Great! He should publish them...

Really a Hot topic i was discussed the same topic to a senior research officer at CCRH (central council of research in Homeopathy) a central government department in India in 2007 and he denied about the difference and he also told that there is a big problem to search out a "Prover" to do reproving. 

and the main problem is how an individual homeopathic physician do a reproving it always be completed by any government department 

If anyone known to any official in CCRH kind tell me i will follow that matter 


Dear Dr. Deepak, Really this is a big problem. If we reprove any remedy as our individual venture, nobody will recognize it.


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