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Is There A Homeopathic Remedy That Antidotes All Homeopathic Medicine?

Somes time, in chronic cases homeopathic doctors use many medicines.  After this process they want to complete all homoeopathic remedies effects from the patient's body. They want to apply a remedy which will be chosen according to the patient symptoms.

What should the doctor do? Which medicine can be given that will antidote of all previous remedies which he previously applied?


Camphorm coffea, nux-v, or aloes?



The Author: Sometimes the aggravation becomes intense to the patients and then an antidotal Homeopathic Remedy is required to counteract the said intense aggravation caused due to wrong application of the remedy.

When the patients are coming to a Homeopath for treatment after trying several types of Medicines through other Therapies, "Nux Vomica" will at first be applied to antidote the poisonous effects caused by Medicines through other therapies, but when a patient coming to a Homeopath after getting uncured through Homeopathic Medicines applied by other Homeopathic Doctors, " ALOE-SOCOTRINA' 200 or high potency will be applied to the patient at first so as to produce the correct picture of the disease and the correct symptoms in the patients to apply the Medicines.

Prescribing Homeopathic Medicines without proper knowledge of Inimicals & Antidotals could lead to serious consequences which may only be compared with driving a car which is not fitted with brakes.


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The remedy similimum to the current totality is the only antidote to that case. No remedy could be fixed. Because Nux vom is a widely and well proven remedy with known action on almost every tissue of the body, it is, though wrongly, called as universal antidote. The same is with aloes. Since, there is a traditional misbelief that coffee or camphor antidote Homoeopathic remedies, the same is continued till today. 
Well said Dr. Rajneesh, This is so True.

Thanks a lot for clear my mind confusion about this matter.



Even I agree with Dr Rajneesh sir that there is no such specific antidote for all the medicines. Its true that camphora is known for its capability of anti-doting or modifying almost every medicine from vegetable kingdom whereas Nux vom is also an excellent remedy to commence treatment with if patient has taken other form of medicines but this doesn't means its an antidote to every medicine, for that we have to look for the present totality of symptoms and then look for the similimum.
Also its same for coffea and aloes these are not antidotes for all but only if totality corresponds then they can antidote the effect of previously given medicines.

yep i also agree sir, much thanks for providing valuable information


Thanks Dr

i think we should look at another factor- yes all or none may antidote homeopathic remedies- but- why risk it. Lets give the senario of a verry complex chronic case a patient that has been ill for decades on homeopathics. Progress gets made with great difficulty,Fine tuning each remedy each potency has been addressed via case  follow up appts.

The practicioner never mentiones "Certain things might antidote your remedies so be carefull" to this patient. Not knowing what is happening at the patients home or work,these patients "Could" be antidoting their tedious slow progress to 100% health. Meanwhile the patient get fed up- "homeopathy is not working i'm going to take allopathics".

The practicioner looses a patient,negative implications get spread through the neighborhood "Homeopathy does not work". One Happy patient tells 2-4 people,but an unhappy patient tells 10-20 others!!!!

All because the practicioner thinks "ah its ok drink your coffee,use camphor in your closet......anothing antidotes homeopathy" so they dont bother to mention any of this to their patients.

How do we know what our patients are up too in these 'uncontrolled' environments? After they leave our office?

Any comments.........................

It seems possible, because so many theories consider potentized rems. to be electromagnetic{ if this be true } that sometime degaussing apparati may be developed that would demagenetize either entire body or bloodstream, or even a full-body MRI {that should raise a few eyebrows} that would erase or antidote ,in the most severe cases, aggravations of the most dire type.WFV...

          Seems like even on a site as this , whose members are to consist mainly of licenced. degreed profesionnals who recieve money for their services{leaves me out} that certain items that I learned as basic, high-priority segments of a truly judicious case-taking, have to be prodded back into to many{?} of our members memories.

       One only has to read as far as the last sentence of Aph. #3 to begin to realize how important Hahnemann considered removing obstacles to cure{now many use the term "maintaining causes"} was in making sure of a complete cure.

       Then one can read Aphs.259-thru 261{pertaining mainly to chronic illness} to further read how he emphasized the removal of maintainng causes to gain a solid cure.{Aphs. 262- some of his dietary standards were relaxed when dealing with Acute illness.} So, congratulations to Dr. Gina Tyler for her splendid article.William Fredric Vennard....

thank you William

Very good Gina. Thank you. I was always taught that one dose of sulphur "clears a muddied picture", My Muddy pictues have been cleared by careful casetaking on presenting symptoms.


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