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Your Opinion Please? Who is Judging Homeopathy? By What Standards?

Here is and editorial on Media Coverage of an Health-Care Issue
Homeopathy Double Standard | Medical Students versus Professors

Do you think Media Coverage is Biased or Evenly Balanced?

Why does the media slant all Allopathy as "scientific" and Homeopathy as "unscientific"?

I pointedly asked questions in this article about the ultimate goal of health care. Do the physicians and legislative bodies in power want people to "feel good" and have a better outlook on life? We know 90% of disease originates from "stress" and if health care modalities would help to reduce stress, wouldn't that result in less disease?

If there was less disease wouldn't health care costs be reduced? Don't I hear governments and news media constantly complaining about the cost of health care today? So what if that means people go for massage, reiki, yoga, color therapy, Alexander technique, acupuncture and chiropractic care. Do they not hear from the public that homeopathy is taking care of many of their problems? Even after people have come to the end of their rope, have tried every other avenue to wellness and end up at the homeopaths office.

Why can't people have freedom of choice regarding health care? And why can't government subsidize this care? In the end, it will reduce cost.

Now what if physicians could get continuing education for homeopathy and new doctors get training in medical school. Wouldn't that give them a good foundation to understanding this form of medicine? Just as physicians need to learn about nutrition in school [it's rather lacking] they should also be taught a more in-depth number of courses in homeopathy. The US government especially should look at India's progressive medical training opportunities. What is amazing to me is that physicians there are taught at a much younger age and come out with energy, enthusiasm and idealistic outlook to healing.

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