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Dear Doctors,
1) A patient came in the clinic with the problem of Eczema. Dr P C Pal prescribed Dulcamara for the skin and cured it. On what symptoms? Patient had excessive secretion from his eczema.

2) A patient of eczema came for treatment. The doctor noted sticky discharge and prescribed Graphites and cured it. On which repertorial totality?

3) A patient with spinal tuberculosis came to seek advice from Dr S R Phatak. He cured the patient with Stannum metallic by just observing the peculiar way she used to sleep. Where are the mentals?

4) Dr C M Boger saw a case of dermatitis and cured the symptoms with Rhus ven. When asked on what totality? He said its appearance was quite similar to the description of the skin symptoms noted in rhus ven poisoning.

5) Dr H Allen cured a case by Stannum by just noting down the way the patient sat on the chair. Where is the repertorial totality?

So I don’t think that the cases which are cured on just few correct observation and interpretation do not teach you or is irrelevant. Repertorial totality, is not needed in all cases. Members who think that it’s necessary in all cases do not understand the essence and importance of the observation of our ancient Homoeopaths.

Thanks for patient reading.
With regards
Dr Piyush

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Not really. 

Repertory was designed only as an aid.

Repertory is a tool but final verdict rests on the court of Materia Medica, The correct observation and interpretation stands first.



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