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First of all let me thanks to all lovers of homoeopathy and truth hidden behind this science as well as who liked my writings. This page is meant for the development of a most unprivileged science. Since last 6-7 years i am in the hunt of some more pearls for you. Now i have just completed my newly written text namely 'PREAMBLE' (Ver.2). Now i am working on my latest ever text 'PROTOCOL OF LIFE & NANO MEDICINE'; which will be soon released. Henceforth keep watching my newly accomplished wisdom. These texts shall certainly answers to all those question also which are time to time raised by my friends for me to answer.

Thanks to all patrons and friends. DR. S. HARIMANN


Science and Knowledge has ever-changing dynamic trait of the Nature. So, whatever was the present understanding of past may not be a necessarily understanding of present.

The Matter of Fact:

The every visible and invisible entity existent in this Cosmos is made-up of very tiny particles. These tiny particles are the naño-assemblies that fabricate the every living and nonliving creature. In the human beings, the chemical base pairs are naño-assemblies that fabricate the life of corresponding individual being. All the creatures existent here are working under fixed laws. It’s nothing that may operate without any law or out of law. The Nature and its forces are supreme dominion and they dominate every event occur in this cosmos. When any event amazes us to a great extent, the intellect faculty of our brain becomes highly operative. The science evolved when the man thought of controlling Nature and started systematic efforts for it. Even if science cannot control the Nature; however, basic intent of the science was this and still it is the same. There is a definite protocol for the life of every creature including nonliving entities also like stars and planets. The human organism is not exception to aforesaid general law.

Ever since men came into existence, the members of its species are experiencing several kinds of great maladies. The reason behind this is that, whenever integrity of the protocol of human being gets disturbed or broken-down, the concerned organism feels uneasy or dis + eased. Therefore, for the good health and immortality, since then, several great personalities of the era and intellectuals, including Dr. Hahnemann, time to time attempted to understand protocol of life of living creatures and human beings. They were in the hunt of ways to get rid of them (diseases). In order to attain immortality, some of them were also in the hunt of panacea; however, they failed to achieve their tasks. But, unto certain extent men became capable of relieving some maladies of the human being. They developed some substances (medicines); and, with the help of them, they tried to relive human sufferings. While efforts were going on to take care of the health and survival, a history of medicine [1] was generated. The similar efforts are still going on. During the 18th-19th century, the status [2] of medical science was not as high as nowadays. Continue………..


1. History of medicine:




5,000 BC



5,000 BC (Vedic era)



3,000-2,500 BC



2,700 BC



2,100 BC



1,200 BC



500 AD



500-1500 AD



1,453-1,600 AD



1,700- 1,800 AD



1,900 AD



1,950 AD & onwards

 2. Medical status during the 18th-19th century: During the 18th-19th century, it was very little known about the human body. Only William Harvey (1578-1657) was the man who precisely described about the blood circulation. The knowledge regarding metabolism, bacteria, hormones and immunity was yet to accomplish and not known to the physicians of that time. Then the treatment was based on the theoretical models. The doctrine of Humoral pathology, attributed to a Greek physician Hippocrates (c. 460-370BC) was in practice. The humoral theory of four elements was replaced by the cellular pathology of Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) and then the diseases were found confined to the intra-cellular changes. During that era, the health care was provided by only a handful practitioner; of which mostly barber and surgeons were main. They used to perform blood lettings operations and amputations. The medical knowledge was so rudimentary and only confined to old books. The corpus dissection as well as bedside teaching was only done in the exceptional cases. In such situations, the reformation of medical training was set off by some universities. Joseph von Quarin (1733-1814), who was the teacher of Hahnemann in Vienna, was one of the reformers. At one place, Hahnemann said that, he has become a physician because of the Quarin.


Continued from last……..

 History of ‘similia’: Now, after the history of medicine we will also look at the history of ‘similia’. Actually nothing heals the wounds of time excepting Nature. A Natural law is ever existent since the planet earth has come into existence. In different ages, at different spans of time, it was acknowledged by the different names or terms. It generated the history of ‘similia’. For example: in ancient times, in India, it was known as ‘Samh Samam Samyati’; Hippocrates called it ‘Physis’ whilst Paracelsus called it ‘signa naturæ’ (‘doctrine of signature’) etc. etc... In the same way, God gifted Dr. Hahnemann also acknowledged it as ‘similia’ [3]. continue............


3. Realization of the fact of ‘Similia’: Once upon a time Dr. Hahnemann was very disappointed. He was frustrated with the existing knowledge he acquired and quit his practice. Actually, he was struggling for his livelihood. Being a multilingual personal, he made his carrier as a translator. During the translation of Cullen's Materia Medica, in 1790, he stumbled upon an amazing fact of Nature. Instantly, the intellect faculty of his brain became highly operative. The supreme energy (The God) brightened up his brain and elucidated the things. He identified that fact through his first practical experiment known as Cinchona bark experiment. He realized the fact that the substance that is capable of producing certain alterations in the health of healthy human being may also remove the same after its employment when they appear as a part of natural disease process. The Natural law of similarity, to which he called ‘similia’, in such a way emerged in his brain per se, he became capable of giving birth to a new approach of medication. Incidentally, then executed Cinchona bark experiment ultimately became the first tool for his new approach of medication for all diseases. In the year 1796, he published his views in the ‘journal der practischen arzneykunde’ (Journal of Practical Medicine). In the ‘Rule of similers’, he declared that, he has been discovered the foundation of an effective mode of treatment. After that occurrence, he never looked back. He started more and more experimentations with a new hope. He scrutinized precisely well the occurrences and happenings of the past and determined the realistic operations of the substances onto the human being. He scrutinized several known and unknown substances and materials with a new angle. In the 1807 AD, he coined this approach of medication as ‘Homœopathy’. Thereafter, during the 1810 AD, he published his first edition of ‘Organon’. Its name in German language was “Organon der Rationellen Heilkunde”; which means ‘Organon of the Rational System of Medicine’. The first edition ‘Organon’ was emerged after the fourteen-years from his earlier presentation. He went on treating his patients under the tenet of ‘similia’. He also observed the fact that the during natural disease process, while treating patient under this tenet with the cruder form of corresponding substance, the manifestations of sufferer of disease get elevated and become much more prominent or aggravated to a great extent. Therefore, with a unique dynamization plan, he started attenuating substances and tried to make them more acceptable to the weaker and sickened population. Herein sufferer of disease is treated with the attenuated but hyperactive corresponding substances. In the practice of later years, he found that the even ultra-dilutions of the substances also are capable of producing certain alterations at the physiological level in the human beings. As a result, a super-tender method of testing the effects of drugs, directly on the human being, came into existence; to which he called as ‘drug proving’. Such drug proving, firstly, he did on himself and own family members. He selected apparently healthy individuals for his experiment – the drug proving. And then, he prepared them by regulating theirs diet, daily regimen and mental state, before drug proving. He administered then the medicinal substance till they began to produce morbid signs and symptoms in every sphere. When signs and symptoms begin to appear, he stopped giving more doses of the medicine and reordered all emerged signs and symptoms. He arranged them in a schematic order. And, this way, a book – ‘Materia Medica Pura’ came into existence. He inscribed the whole story in the several editions of ‘organon’. In a sequence, passing through four more editions, in the years 1819, 1824, 1829 and 1833, totally he published five editions till 1842 AD. The sixth edition was published during the 1921-22 AD.

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