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Main Theme behind up-gradation

The science and knowledge are ever-changing. Therefore, modifications in the earlier belief systems as well as changes in the explications and predictions are very common episode in the ever-changing life science. Over the period of time, as scientific development moves ahead and growth takes place; the explanations, which may be primarily built-up on the inferences and given in the favor of earlier belief systems, as well as adequacy of them, are challenged by the newer findings. Therefore, it is not necessary at all, the earlier understanding would be a necessarily truth of present and understanding; however, both influence the human beings in several ways. A scientist on the premises of knowledge reinterprets the earlier belief systems (hypotheses) and discards the conceptual understandings.

The history of science is filled with such examples, where changes in the one’s mind as to adequacy of explanations, predictions and limitations, which are the fundamental tools of evolution, led to a great discovery. He reformulates the earlier understandings and reestablishes the newer things. In the faculty of science, especially, in medicine, this evolutionary phenomenon is obviously observed. But, in contrast, it’s a most common phenomenon in our society that, when seemingly very newer thing comes into light the people often disparage even the most valuable pearls of wisdom. It’s a very negative trend in our society and often discourages the innovative minds. Yet, for the cause of development, the Nature works in aforesaid ways. The aforesaid harmonizing mechanism of the Nature -- positive and negative trends, proves much praiseworthy than that of capricious tissues of rationales.

The aforesaid negative trend hampers the natural developmental process. As a result of which, the evolutionary phenomenon and process thereof ultimately gets restricted. In its turns, it hampers the overall development of the society i.e. development of the each and every member of the society. Methinks, however, the majority of society members or almost all of them have fallen prey to the aforementioned negative trend. That’s why I called it as a common trend of the society. But, for myself, albeit I am a basic component of the Nature’s laboratory; however, as a follower of truth, I am operating in harmony with the positivity of the Nature. Therefore, without caring for any ridicule or disparagement, I shall keep on my business and communicating whole my wisdom for the cause of betterment of society.

There is no science which doesn’t require any up-gradation or correction or it would never require any emendation. The same is the true about ‘Organon of medicine’; however, if you say it is a scientific script or you look at it with a scientific attitude. Methinks, with the time and maturity, as our knowledge increases, it should be updated frequently. Dr. Hahnemann indeed was well aware of this fact. If you go through his great writings sincerely, it shall become much evident in his inscriptions. He wrote in the 5th edition of ‘Organon’ that: “Thus Homœopathy is a perfectly simple system of medicine, remaining always fixed in its principles as in its practice, which like the doctrine; whereon it is based if rightly apprehended will be found to be so exclusive” [[i]]. But in its successive edition -- the 6th edition, he replaced the words -- “will be found to be completed.” [[ii]] Is it 6th edition of ‘Organon’ has really achieved its destiny -- the goal of perfection??? He said in his letter, wrote to his publisher Mr. Schaub, Paris dated, 20th Feb 1842, that: “I have now, after eighteen months of work, finished the sixth edition of my ‘Organon’ the most nearly perfect of all[[iii]]. Has it really perfected[1] enough?? Is its’ up-gradation or updating is not necessary at all NOW? And/or, was it sincerely looking at futurities considerately intended for the forthcoming generations too i.e. forever? It may be a “most nearly perfect of all”, but for that particular era only.

The above mentioned episodes also signify the fact. They elucidate that, as our knowledge grows-up better and increase with the time and maturity, the continuous up-gradation of any scientific text is necessary. We ought to consider this fact first and then introspect without any prejudice. Only thereafter, we may choose our righteous way to proceed furthermore. On account of extreme advancement in the field of medical science; today, his earlier presumed views do not find any harmony with the realistic understanding and knowledge. Therefore, we should have to update and upgrade our knowledge as well as ours literary legacy; because, it has not been done since 1842 AD. If the emendations in ‘Organon’ and up-gradation of it were not necessary at all, then, why he inscribed several editions of ‘Organon’?

For the any development, which would have ever taken place in the society, the appraisal and acceptance of shortcomings and mistakes always found underlies. Hereupon much more scientific understanding appears in the society. It obliges society members to accept and take on the current understanding. The Homœopathic fraternity (society) has no immunity to this rule. As a follower of truth, I have accepted the current understanding and shortly the same shall also become evident with other members of the society. It shall also oblige other members of the Homœopathic fraternity to accept and take on the current understanding. Consequently, much more competent Homœopaths shall emerge and Homœopathy would certainly be in the future in the main stream of medication. As we often declare that, our mode of medication is a most scientific enterprise in the field of medicine; as well, we wish to call ourselves as a most scientific physician; thus, I have tried to provide this system a most disciplined scientific understanding.


[1] Dr. Hahnemann described in the 5th edition of ‘Organon’ that: “The same selected medicines may now be given daily and for months, if necessary, in this way, namely, after the lower degree of potency has been used for one or two weeks in the treatment of chronic diseases, advance is made in the same way to higher degree (beginning according to the new dynamization method, taught here with the use of the lowest degree)” (source: NB to aphorism §246, 5th edition of ‘Organon’). Whereas in the 6th edition of Organon he wrote: “What I said in the fifth edition of Organon, in a long note to this paragraph in order to prevent their undesirable reactions of the vital energy” (Source: sixth edition of ‘Organon’)., (presently it is known excited genetic expressivity), “was all that the experience I then had justified. But during last four-five years, however, all those difficulties are wholly solved by my new altered but perfected method.” (Source: Aphorism §246, Organon 6th edition)


[i] Fifth edition of Organon.

[ii] Sixth edition of Organon.

[iii] Translator’s preface to sixth edition of Organon.



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