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After a long pause, I opened today my page of this platform. I found here only one member of our community has shown the interest and courage that he is open to consider innovative thoughts. No matter, one, two or all the members liked or disliked it; however, matter of fact is that, at least I become capable of lighting a lamp of knowledge that may spread a lot of light in the life several individuals. Remember; the incidence occurred with Hahnemann during the advocacy of Homœopathy in the university hall of Leipzig. At the end of his elaboration, only a few members were remained there who were interestingly listening his innovative thoughts on the subject in question. While all other occupants went away without listening his complete in-sight. Those folks were later on became the followers of Hahnemann and pillars of the Homœopathy. Accepting the truth requires lots of courage and strength.

But, with this incident, one thing became very clear that, still our community is unaware of the result of such activities. Therefore, for now, I have decided to pause this discussion and try to elaborate the need of such thing under the title ‘Is it not required’ in parts. Consequently, I am now going to give you some insight, regarding this fact. Thereafter, as per my promise, I will precede earlier discussion furthermore.



“I feel suppression and despotism in science is repugnant; here, the only rule should be freedom of spirit, basic research, the confutation of hypotheses, the comparison of observations, adherence to facts and not to personalities. (Dr. Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland)

The developmental process is a successive phenomenon in the Nature. The science and knowledge has ever-changing dynamic trait of the Nature. So, whatever was the present understanding in past may not be a necessarily understanding of the today. For the any faculty of science, the appraisal and acceptance of shortcomings and mistakes is the key of evolution. It's essential for the development of any science and proves the key to the evolution. The Homœopathic science has no immunity to this rule; however, if you believe it's a science. Therefore, I personally feel it that, it’s an extremely high time. We should have to think over all aforesaid issues now. And, instead of remaining indifferent, indolent and inactive, we ought to work extremely hard.

Methinks, with a view to ‘update and upgrade’ our knowledge as well as our precious but obsolete literature; we should revise it immediately. By incorporating the latest ever facts and findings in our science as well as rectifying all the extant shortcomings and mistakes; we may update our knowledge as well as our obsolete manuscripts. Therefore, in order to accomplish this task, we should look at the latest ever revolutionary discoveries and digest them which are in harmony with our science. We should also give them place all in our literature.

In so doing, we shall not only update and upgrade our knowledge but also become much competent and confident. Because, in such a way apprehended fundamental knowledge renovates us immensely. It allows us to soar at the greatest heights. Now, we may use our apprehended knowledge in our daily practice of medicine. Hereby, we may move ahead also collectively on the common highway of medical science. Indeed, then, with the high head and shoulder to shoulder amongst our colleagues and rivals too; we may take care of the whole sickened and moaning humanity with more confidence.

Nowadays, new generation of the aspirants in Homœopathy is coming through the entrance examinations like CET, PMT etc. etc… Therefore, it’s not need to say at all that they would have even better and deeper understanding about the human creature -- the functions, activities and operations thereof, than that of Hahnemann himself would have at that time. It may be assumed that, they would have even more basic understanding of the Mendelian inheritance, molecular biology and genetics. They have studied the Mendel’s laws of independent genetic assortment and segregation; chromosomal theory of inheritance, including genetic linkage and recombination. They also know it well that, how is the structure of DNA, chemical nature of the genes and central dogma of life. These are the important features to be known to get admission in the faculty of medical science now.

Today’s medical student merely knows the language of Cells, DNA, genes as well as chromosomal theory of inheritance. It states that the genetic information contained within DNA and it is conveyed through an RNA intermediate, which is ultimately expressed as protein. As regards disease phenotypes, today, they merely know them in the terms of positive or negative protein/s, enzyme/s and coenzyme/s etc. etc… For the any tribulation, they only consider that they appear due to ill-nature of the aforesaid products. And you also know that, the morbidities appear in the life due to presence of misshapen naño-assemblies in exons, present in the genes of entity, and influences of the matrix/es thereon.

The evaluation of phenotypes on the basis multifactorial approach is a much fascinating approach. The evaluation of personality, intellectuality, novelty-seeking behavior, specific tendencies, predispositions, sexual passion and its orientation, alcoholism and the almost all such traits have endless prospective in this field of medical science. Therefore, inclusion of the recent findings in our science, came out of the recent researches, is very important and necessary element for the development this science.

At the top, highlighted phrase, expressed by Dr. Hufeland, itself clarifies the need of presented work. In favour of scientism, it was appeared in a German medical journal -- ‘System der Prakt Heilkunde’, in the year 1830 AD. Since his reflection is consciousness-raising, we ought to follow his words. As regards presented work, as you aware of the fact, ever since the time of Hahnemann several new facts have emerged in the field of medical science; so, we ought to accept reality now – the current understanding. In fact, as a student of medical science, we ought to consider all the things that have emerged in the recent researches and investigations. Continue……


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Dear viktor kalocsai,

seasons greetings. 

what happened about approval of this discussion? earlier you send me a message that it is yet to approved. i am still waiting for approval. only thereafter i will proceed furthermore in to the matter of discussion.



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