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Is It Important To Tell The Name Of The Remedy To The Patient?

Of course, every patient has the right to know what he or she has to take. But, as people like to read about themselves, based upon their character, they will look for information about the remedy on internet and everywhere else. They will find a lot of information which may not be "nice," or even terrifying. Perhaps they will also get afraid reading finding out what is actually their remedy. The sickness itself, an excretion from a tuberculos sick person or similar information. In general, they will get too occupied with the information about the remedy and less with the healing process and looking what is happenning in them. What are your experiences?

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Name of medicine should not be told unless emergency, this is what I feel.

A lot of ppl I personally know take self-medication in Homoeopathy even after their doctor has advised them against it and then they come and complain to me that homoeopathy doesnt work. Inspite of detailed explanation, these ppl are not ready to accept the principle of individualization as their minds are not tuned to these methods... they only know the allopathic methods and apply them to all systems of medicine. Of course many of these ppl go to a Homoeopath as a last option and are perplexed at the kinds of questions he/she asks them only to treat a headache! Many of these ppl do not really believe in the Science of Homoeopathy and it is very difficult to explain to them and build awareness amongst them. I feel that these ppl form the class of the patients who are most difficult to cure as they want numerous medications and are not satisfied when the doctor gives them a few doses of sweet pills and asks them to report after a couple of weeks.

When I was in 3rd BHMS, my distant relative "consulted" me while attending a wedding reception, for her fatty liver with mild hepatomegaly. I took her case and prescribed Calc carb 200 in a piece of paper and asked her to get it from a nearby pharmacy. Since it was a free prescription, that too by a "half doctor", they didnt contact me, and I was out of station to continue my studies.

Nearly 5 years later I met her in a homoeopathic pharmacy. She greeted me with a closeup smile and said "your medicine acted like a magic, still i am taking it". I was shocked to see the same prescription I had given! Now God only knows the after-effect of too much repetition of calc carb.

Greetings Dr Muhammed

My apologies as this comment is a little off the main topic here but I wished to make a comment on repetition and just chose this place as the best one

I too have had such a case quite some years ago now. It was actually a patient of mine who took Nat-sulph 10M in water twice a day for some months owing to a misunderstanding in our communication.

This event actually was a turning point for my thoughts on the repetition of potencies. I had previously adhered very strictly to the theory as I understood it of non repetition and the dangers of repetition.

This event demonstrated to me that my adherence was purely theoretical and not based on any actual experience of my own and so from this time I began to experiment in selected cases and now some 10 or more years later I try to educate suitable patients to make their own decisions about repetition as I feel that no one knows better than the patient how often they need the remedy.

Of course there is much more to be said - this is just a broad brush outline of my thoughts.

Take care


I read out some MM pertaining to the patient while they are with me to give them the confidence that I have chosen the correct remedy. I always write the name of the remedy on the envelope if I am giving them more than one pillule to take. Carcinosin is written as "Carc" If it is a patient who looks up Rx I will explain that what they find on the read may not be the modern interpretation of the Rx so don't take too much notice of it. Most are really not interested in the name of the remedy.
I believe it is a requirement from the Society of Homeopaths that I belong to that we give the name of the remedy.

Dear members
If the patient wishes to know, i tell remedy name and potency.
If I decide to wait and see, I tell them as well. Avoids the pretence of sac. lac.
Though it is common saying that disease is no concern of the doctor and medicine is no concern of the patient but still i thing name of the medicine prescribed be disclosed to the patient.
I like to tell and discuss. I go along with those CBT Psychologists who belive that learning can be part of the cure - especially with O.C.D.'s. Homeopathy is not quiet the same as CBT though. I do recognise that there are ethical difficulties associated with raising particular expectations.
Agree with you on that Steph. The process and awakening to self is part of the cure.

Yes, I agree, it's their right to know the medicine that they are taking, but the main problem exists when we give a single dose of remedy with a lot of placebo. When they come to know that they are taking the placebo for one month, how do they feel?

Looking over these posts I see a common problem between homeopathic disclosure of the remedy and how curious each patient might be.

My suggested answer;
Patients most often don't care or don't ask what you are giving them.
They get even more curious if there is NOTHING on the packet written down.

I dispense my own packets custom for each person, I never give them the opportunity to buy a full bottle of pills. Who knows what will happen? Some end up taking that bottle day after day year after year; one pill is good many pills daily is better-Not!

Thus I dispense my own packets with Organon indicated #10 globules poppysized (ONE globule) only per packet. What you as the homeopath can write on there is the abbreviation. We, as practitioners, are familiar with these abbreviations and potency numbers; LM,MM,CM mean nothing to a patient. By writing this on each packet they are normally content, no matter what it says. It's better than writing nothing, because this causes curiosity to manifest. Just my humble opinion.

Sometimes I struggle with whether to reveal the name of the remedy. I have had people turn down Ars. Alb. because they thought it would be poison -- which is an indication for Ars. Alb., "refuses medication." !!!


Recently, I was concerned about a young patient for whom I settled on Lachesis 200c. His mom asked what it was and I knew she would want to look it up on the internet. After a quick inner conflict, I told her the name. Later, I emailed her a website with a very good description of Lachesis in children. She was thankful for the information and felt it described her son well. She did not argue that it was snake venom. I was so glad I went ahead and told her, because now she was committed to following through. It worked very well and he has since had his second dose, Lachesis 1M, with no argument from anyone.


Sometimes I will place the name of the remedy in an envelope, for someone who I fear will over-intellectualize the process. I tell them that I keep no secrets from them, and they are free to open the envelope and read it as soon as they get home. Then I tell them that I have often seen that, if they will wait a few weeks, they will be able to see the remedy acting more clearly if they do not have preconceptions of what to expect. "This will be more convincing to you and more helpful to me in following your progress." Amazingly, people usually respect this and do not open their little envelope. By the time they see it working, their curiosity is transferred to the action of the remedy itself, which provides good feedback for me, and they often never do look inside the envelope after that.

Great concept, Arnold. Put the patient in the driver's seat. Give them the control. 


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