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There is a notion in popularity that homoeopathy is slow acting. The other notion is homoeopathy brings out the disease first that is the disease aggravates first then it gets well. Both of the notions are absolutely false.

First question is what is to be cured in an individual case of disease?  Aphor. 3 of Organon

Though all animals have feelings and sensations also emotions but they are unable to express them in word, on the other hand the human beings are blessed with the quality to explain in words fully their emotions, feelings and sensations. This quality is the greatest help in homoeopathic treatment to decide what is to be cured in homoeopathy In Aphor. 6 Hahnemann clearly explains the answer to this question of what is to be cured in any and every individual case of disease. He says:

The unprejudiced observer - well aware of the futility of transcendental speculations which can receive no confirmation from experience - be his powers of penetration ever so great, takes note of nothing in every individual disease, except the changes in the health of the body and of the mind (morbid phenomena, accidents, symptoms) which can be perceived externally by means of the senses; that is to say, he notices only the deviations from the former healthy state of the now diseased individual, which are felt by the patient himself, remarked by those around him and observed by the physician. All these perceptible signs represent the disease in its whole extent, that is, together they form the true and only conceivable portrait of the disease.

Especially the underlined text is the main basis on which a homoeopathic physician can diagnose and can cure every individual case.

During the era of Dr. Hahnemann the microscope even was not introduced in the field of clinical diagnosis but today there are most advance gadgets available to analyze blood, stool, urine and sputum etc in the Pathology, Bacteriology and Radiology etc., but, can still any of these advancements reveal or tell the emotions, feelings and sensations, the modalities and the concomitant symptoms of an individual? i.e. “the true and only conceivable portrait of the disease.”

There is a notion popular about the action of homoeopathy that “homoeopathy is slow acting.” About the action of homoeopathic medicines Hahnemann says in Aphor. 149 (Organon 5th edition):

When the suitable homoeopathic remedy has been thus selected and rightly employed, the acute disease we wish to cure, even though it be of a grave character and attended by many sufferings subsides insensibly, in a few hours if it be of recent date, in a few days if it be of a somewhat longer standing, along with all traces of indisposition, and nothing or almost nothing more of the artificial medicinal disease is perceived; there occurs, by rapid, imperceptible transitions, nothing but restored health, recovery. Diseases of long standing (and especially such as are of a complicated character) require for their cure a proportionately longer time. More especially do the chronic medicinal dyscrasia so often produced by allopathic bungling, along with the natural disease left uncured by it, require a much longer time for their recovery; often, indeed, are they incurable, in consequence of the shameful robbery of the patient's strength and juices, the principal feat performed by allopathy in its so-called methods of treatment.

In various acute and alarming cases Hahnemann says:

the acute disease we wish to cure, even though it be of a grave character and attended by many sufferings subsides insensibly, in a few hours if it be of recent date,

but my experience proved something more advance. In various such cases as - some Neuralgic pains, Colic pains, Toothache, Hemorrhages etc. I have seen the indicated medicine in such cases work with lightening speed. I am giving hereunder some examples from my own experience.

1. A case of neuralgic pain in left shoulder.

About 25 years back a 28 years old lady who was previously cured of her 8 years old migraine was cured under my treatment, was brought for the treatment of severe pain in her left shoulder. She was suffering by the pain for past four hours. She was unable to explain anything about the pain. She was holding her left shoulder by her right hand firmly with clenched teeth and head turned towards left side. She was in real agony. Thinking the pain to be of neuralgic type I tried Belladonna 200, but no change within few minutes, I gave her Magnesia phos 1 M a dose, no response, tried Chamomilla 200, not yet any response. So I decided to refer her to some allopathic physician for immediate help. But before suggesting this I thought to give a dose of Aconitum nap. 200. She was still keeping sitting in the posture described above. So I put a dose in her mouth, Lo! as soon I put the dose in her mouth she instantly became absolutely still like a statue. Her husband asked me in fright what has happened to her. I said she went to sleep and I sat down to watch her in about one and half minutes her right hand by which she was holding her painful shoulder slowly slipped down and she turned her head towards me smiled and said that the pain has vanished. Aconitum did the magic.

2. A case of acute pain in a carious tooth.

It was in 1982 one day a gentleman about 30 years of age came for help. He was suffering from acute pain in his left lower canine tooth for three days. He had been taking analgesics but with no avail. The tooth had a deep cavity. I cleaned the cavity with Hydrogen peroxide and put a very small swab moistened in the dilution of Chamomilla 1 M and put the same in the cavity, no sooner I turned the patient shouted “Dr. Saab !!!” He was searching on his left lower jaw at the site of pain. I asked what happened? He informed that he was searching the tenderness of the jaw. The pain and the tenderness vanished instantly like a lightening.


3. A case of undefined distressing and enervating pain in left mandibular area.

In 1985 a patient 40 years about old who was generally very energetic and smart man came to my clinic, as I watched through the glass partition from my chamber, sat down in the waiting space dull and weary contrary to his habit. When his turn came he entered the chamber and literally in the chair meant for the accompanying person as if totally exhausted. He complained that he is feeling undefined pain in the area of his left cheek, mandibular region and the left side of his neck. He also informed that he is unable to pin point the exact location of the pain and his energy is sinking. I palpated in the area he pointed, when I probed under the lower angle of the left jaw he exclaimed, “Oh! There, there is the pain.” I asked the dispenser to give him a dose of Lac caninum 200. As soon she put the dose in his mouth started to turn, the patient exclaimed “Oh! The pain is gone and simultaneously he sat erect in his usual posture. He immediately became energetic.

4. A case of Violent Hiccough.

About 25 years ago a 40 years old laborer was brought to my clinic at 9 p. m., who was suffering from violent and spasmodic hiccough since morning that day the violence of the spasms were gradually increasing. While I was noting down his symptoms the spasm started the hiccough started in succession one into another continuously. I immediately administered him a dose of Manesium phosphoricum 1 M and asked him to go home and to wait for half an hour, I also instructs him to go to Emergency of the district hospital in case the hiccough continue. I have never encountered such a violent case in my life during past eight decades. Therefore seeing the violence of his spasms I was afraid lest his breath stop during the spasm. Therefore I sent him home immediately less than a kilometer away. In the morning I came to know that by the time he reached his home the spasms of hiccough totally stopped with no return again.

5. A case of passing pure blood in place of urine.

It was a case of an 81 years old gentleman He visited 0n 15th December, 2003. Since previous day he was passing pure blood in urine. There was no any pain. No other discomfort. He was a known diabetic.

He was taken to a hospital where Ultra Sound Scanning (USS) was advised. The USS on 15th December, 2003 revealed a diverticula in bladder and Benign hypertrophy of Prostate (Copy of the USS is produced below.). The cause of bleeding could not be established. He was brought to my clinic. On the basis of painless bright red bleeding I prescribed Phosphorus 200. The bleeding was stopped overnight and did not recur again till he lived for a number of years.

Copy of the Ultra Sound Scan

There are numerous such cases of colic, neuralgia, epitasis and other hemorrhages, diarrhea, dysentery, etc. where, whenever I succeeded to give the indicated medicine the result was just magical. I was always thrilled by the results.

Hence the notion that homoeopathy is slow acting is quite baseless.

As far the second notion that homoeopathy first brings out or aggravates the disease is concerned – actually any disease is the deviated process of life force or vital force as such it is a dynamic entity and the vital force expresses it in the form of morbid symptoms, there is nothing physical or material in the disease which may hide in the interior of the Organism and could be brought out by the medicine. When there is aggravation of the disease after a homoeopathic medicine it is always due to improper and large dose. The following case is an example:

A 20 years old female visited my clinic on 27th June 2017, she had a sinus like wound about 2” above her coccyx. It was very painful and with purulent discharge from the same. On interrogating the history was as follows. About three and half years ago a boil was formed at the site from which clear watery moisture was discharging. She took allopathic treatment but it did not heal. Then she sought help of a homoeopathic physician he prescribed her Silicea 200, ten drops thrice daily and advised to continue the medicine for three months. In the beginning the wound dried up but soon after the wound flared up. The wound inflamed, became very tender and started discharging pus. The patient was very much in agony and distress. After analyzing the case I gave her four doses of Camphora 200 one dose after every two days to antidote the effect of the large doses she had taken.(I used to give 4 – 5 smallest globules moistened in the medicine in a little sugar of milk as one dose.). The medicine gave her some relief. Then I started giving her Fluoricum acidum 200 which antidotes the effect of Silicea and also heals wounds and sinuses.

 About the size and suitableness of medicine and its dose Hahnemann says in his Organon:

The suitableness of a medicine for any given case of disease does not depend on its accurate homoeopathic selection alone, but likewise on the proper size, or rather smallness, of the dose. If we give too strong a dose of a medicine which may have been even quite homoeopathically chosen for the morbid state before us, it must, notwithstanding the inherent beneficial character of its nature, prove injurious by its mere magnitude, and by the unnecessary, too strong impression which, by virtue of its homoeopathic similarity of action, it makes upon the vital force which it attacks and, through the vital force, upon those parts of the organism which are the most sensitive, and are already most affected by the natural disease. - Aphor. 275.

For this reason, a medicine, even though it may be homoeopathically suited to the case of disease, does harm in every dose that is too large, the more harm the larger the dose, and by the magnitude of the dose ["and in strong doses" in the Sixth Edition] it does more harm the greater its homoeopathicity and the higher the potency selected, and it does much more injury than any equally large dose of a medicine that is unhomoeopathic, and in no respect adapted (allopathic) to the morbid state; for in the former case the so-called homoeopathic aggravation (#157-160) - that is to say, the very analogous medicinal disease produced by the vital force stirred up by the excessively large dose of medicine, in the parts of the organism that are most suffering and most irritated by the original disease - which medicinal disease, had it been of appropriate intensity, would have gently effected a cure - rises to an injurious height; the patient, to be sure, no longer suffers from the original disease, for that has been homoeopathically eradicated, but he suffers all the more from the excessive medicinal disease and from useless exhaustion of his strength. - Aphor. 276.

Hence whenever a patient feels too much aggravation of his disease after taking homoeopathic medicine it proves that the dose was too strong and/or too large.

To see my results in various kinds of cases please visit “Case history/Articles” and “My Youtube Channel” on

Hence the dictum “Mild is Vital” is true and the revelations of the great Hahnemann are universal in the field of CURE.


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