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My original article on internet addiction written in 2009 more than predicted the trend toward longer hours on the computer for all ages. That was just about the time that I began tweeting on the Twitter platform. The gradual and slow climb came along as I watched the program develop, gaining followers, increasingly all media began adding a by-line for everyone to send them a 'tweet' or simply 'follow' to read their news, get the links to their pages, or send them a message which might be broadcast on the radio, T.V. or in print. 

As the technology blends television show options, downloadable and on-line movies, games, FaceBook fanatics who stay connected 24/7, bloggers journaling all aspects of their lives, and micro-blogging to record and share every thought and bit of news, all populations spend more hours tied to their gadgets. 

As all this gains momentum, the past month saw a revamp of the Twitter platform with many new additions compiled from years of market research and collaboration from third-party application inventors on their open source API programming. 

Supposedly, Twitter can do a lot more, has more speed, ease of use, and functions more fluidly with all systems and internet pages. And, while all this has happened, and people wake up to and go to sleep with Twitter practically at their pillow, one of the four founders makes a huge announcement.

DAILY MAIL NEWS REPORT  | Too much Twitter is not good for your health. Duh! Well, in actuality staring at the computer screen all day and not getting any exercise, body movement, relaxation and down time, nourishment, fresh air, and time for the brain to recharge won't do anything for your relationships, your efficiency at work, or your health. 

Christopher Stone, Twitter co-founder
recommends the urges 500 million users to
do something else for a while.

With that said, take a look at the blog on Computer Addiction

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