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Date 04/04/2011

Name Master Sumit
Age/sex 5/M
Address Cheenor

1. Intermittent fever – two years old complaint,
Periodicity – fever comes every day at 2:30 to 3 P.M.
Stage – All three stage of fever not well develop
Chill stage – start at 2:30 to 3 P.M. remain constant until 7 O; clock.
Hot stage – Remain constant until 7 O; clock
Sweat stage – Absent

Symptoms during fever –
1. Patient want to keep quiet during the attack of chill
2. Sole and palm are cold rest of the body hot
3. Patient wants to complete cover from head to foot. Slight uncovering cause shivering.

Physical examination –
Inspection - Distended abdomen
Neck thin, extremities thin
Dry lip, dry tongue

Palpation - Tenderness at both hypochondrium

Investigation –
1. Blood film – P- Vivex positive (Trophozoite form) by F.M. method.
2. E.S.R - Rised up to 66 mm/hour
3. U.S.G - Hepatomegaly, Spleenomegaly
4. Hb % - 8.5 gm %

2. Vomiting – on Weeping

History of the present complaint – all complaint starts from the common cold and cough. That is the tendency of patient by birth. Same tendency present in father and mother of the patient.

1. Sleep – sound
2. Dream – N.A.D
3. Appetite – Diminished in present. But excessive hunger in history, habit of eating food beyond the capacity of stomach.

Desire – for cold water, Ice-cream, salt.
Aversion – Sweet

Susceptibility – To take cold, patient is subject to cough, cold.

FAMILY HISTORY – Same tendency on maternal and paternal side

Date 04/04/2011
1. Phosphorus 200 (Single dose only)

Patient report on
All symptoms clear, improvement in the health of patient

Case cured

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At the recent NCH Conference, someone mentioned that reporting of cured cases would take place after a number of years on a chronic case and perhaps less time for an acute case. 


Did you repertorize this case or go by keynote, generals, modalities? 

yes Debby this is the repertrization of the Case.
See attachment
Very nice cases.
Thanks, sir,
it is a cure according to second aphorism of organon of medicine.
That is true. Blessings.


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