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I have few questions, if anyone can answer;

1. How the water can be destructured?

2. In some cases of making homeopathic potencies, it is suggested to use clear (De structured) stream water. While stream water touches many things while flowing, and it gets the impression (Structured) of that substance or wave which touches the water. When we use that structured water for making homeopathic potencies then the resultant will be combination of already imprented plus the impression of new mother dilution.
Am i right? Please help me in this regard.

3. Is water is get destructured by boiling?

These are good questions Dr Asad, I hope someone can address them. I'm especially interested in the one about water changing forms from liquid to gas or solid. When boiling it is still water, but changing forms. Wondering if this is a 'cleansing' or like 'rebooting' original memory? And when turning to solid ice, then 'freezing' the memory of that time?
Hoping for this answer as i am wondering for these answers since 7 or 8 months
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Please spread this message wherever you can, since by now some people try everything to prevent us from winning and use this situation for a general strike against homeopathy

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