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Everything in our beloved homeopathy is under the information power: provings give us the information –symptoms- of what the homeoremedies produce; symptoms are the information we need to select a remedy between one and another; repertorization is a process in which we look for the information that match the most with the symptoms given by the provings with the information the symptoms a subject shows during the consult, interview.

The information we get from the way the subject looks like is also important, and in some cases the most valuable information we can get for the right homeoremedy to be chosen.

Later on, the information about how the person’s health evolution is the most important part about what is necessary to do in the future, if a homeoremedy is enough or a different one is necessary, and the potency of that homeopathic medicine, etc.

And there is the most important part of it: information the energy has in our homeoremedies is the active element and this info make the brain to react and do what it takes for the healing process to takes place. (Benveniste, Montagnier and more researchers think the same) I say that homeopathy is an informatics-cybernetic science: we handle a computer-like organ, the brain, with information, the one our homeoremedy’s energy have. I say it is bioinformatics science.

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More about information in homeopathy: what are we looking for when we prescribe a homeoremedy?; information. We look for Nux Vomica…or Lycopodium...or any other remedy. We do not look for energy, not a 30C or a 200C but a certain remedy because the information it has is the one that fits with all the other information we gather. And yes, later on when we choose a 30C or a 200C we do it based in information. The “potency” itself depends on information.


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