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The common cold is difficult because it presents in so many different ways in different individuals.

Influenza is different. It can easily be prevented as it is an infection that can be immunised against. Each person receives the same bugs and before their body has a chance to present the result in the form that body will react, we are dealing with a 'simple' bug.

Now various strains of influenza require different remedies and we note that differences. We have been producing a complex for more than 6 years now that has proved extremely effective.

Let me point out that in clinical appointments, clinical consultations, NO complexes are used. Fran is very specific on the manner of treatment in all cases and I will discuss that elsewhere.

Complexes are offered as an over-the-counter solution to many common things and our Flu Stop has grown and grown enormously. Why? Because it works.

In the first year we probably sold a couple of hundred and gave a bottle to every consultation patient. Many were passed on to friends and relatives. The second year we had people, many we had never seen before, coming to buy two or three bottles. Now, as winter is approaching here, we have already had many requests and we will sell more than a thousand bottles. It is used by many, especially older folk, as a preventative and they get through winter flu free. I take a dose if people come in coughing and I do not catch their colds.

So, as we see it, homeopathy is very effective in this area. Fran changes some of the remedies in the complex, if necessary, after checking what outbreak is heading our way.

Come on Bird Flu!

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Hi Trevor
how do you get around TGA? In other words what do you write on the label? Don't you need TGA approval to claim that the remedy is for colds or flus?
Hi Evelin,

We have on the label that it is a complex, what is included and the dosage. We give out leaflets on use of complexes, ie. if it has not done anything after 4 doses forget it. Well, a bit nicer than that. Yes, we have been visited by the TGA. An unannounced visit in the middle of clinic but everything is according to the law (as it stands at the moment - changes afoot) and, gee, water can't hurt you :)

Send you a bottle if you like.
Hi Huberta,
I completely understand your concern. Here we practice Classical Homeopathy (even though the use of the word 'classical' often is used loosely). The practice here for consultation is quite strict. Fran, who is the boss and lectures at colleges, gives seminars and is more about teaching than she has the time for, insists that treatment is by one remedy. She is very particular about insisting that the patient take one dose only and then call her in 2/3 days (earlier if there is any reaction) so that she can assess what, if anything, has happened. Then she will prescribe a dose a day, or a week or every second day etc. Then she follows that up and may change remedy or not. The complexity of our clinic's prescribing and evaluation would take pages but you will get the idea. If you give more than one remedy how do you know what did what? No, what you say is absolutely correct.

However, back to complexes. We sell quite a number of complexes that are purely for acute situations. This is stated on the accompanying leaflets and it states on the bottle that if there is no result after 4 doses, stop and contact your practitioner.

These complexes are NOT for constitutional treatment but they can be very useful in an acute situation. We have a Panic Stop that has been used by students before exams and, the most interesting cases were when used by the riders in horse shows who also gave their horses a dose!

As to what is in the bottle - it's a secret - no, it varies according to the complex and I do not have any in front of me to tell you ... and I am not the homeopath (sob).
Thanks for your reply Trevor, would love a bottle of your special water :)
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Bracken Ridge
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