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The main infertility problems with male partner are:

  1. Motility and quality of sperm cells
  2. Problems with ejaculation
  3. Diseases (Complication after mumps or stds.)
  4. Testicular Trauma
  5. Life style ( Alcohol. smoking )
  6. Stress / Emotions  &
  7. Hereditary disposition

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Does anyone have information to share about what they tell patients who come in to the office with any of the problems listed? Do you approach with a change in diet, clothing, sleep habits, supplements, work advice, counseling and therapy or other suggestions?

Thank you. Yes now days lot of of patients come with those problems. Generally problems of, motility and quality of sperm cells, problems with ejaculation and hereditary deposition are common. Some times patients can't express themselves properly but it comes out during case taking and diagnostic analysis.Problems of motility and quality of sperm comes out by semen analysis. Majority of cases are with premature ejaculation and patients tell  those problems themselves. Yes in majority of cases I give emphasis with regard to the change of diet, proper sleeping, work advice, counseling  etc. in addition to  homeopathic remedies depending on the totality of symptoms of individual patients.

Dr Ahmad,

Thanks. You mentioned many causes. We would like to know what you do with your patients, the medicines you give. Please mention the potency and repetition and how much time is needed for cure and what is your success rate. Can you please post some cases for our knowledge and guidance?

Best regards.


And what are the important symptoms that guided you for the selection of the remedy?


I am very much interested in practical homeopathy not the theoretical.




I agree with Sajjad that some important cases be presented for all to learn from them. This way we can spread the power of Homeopathy even in cases of male sexual problems.

Dear Dr. Sajjaqdakarim,

Please find below some homeopathic medicine on the basis of major symptoms. one should apply the particular  medicine on judging totality of symptoms of individual patients. The potency and frequency of medicine  depend on the symptoms of individual patients. You should remember that every patient is different from others.

Some medicines for male infertility are given below:

1.Agnus castus (mental depression , poor erection or no erection,, Impotence, history of repeated gonorrhea, testicle, swollen, hard and painful)

2 Anacardium orientales ( depression associated with memory loss, seminal emission without dream,

prostrates discharge during stool)

Argentum Nitricum ( Impotence Fearful nervous causing premature ejaculation, erection fails when coition attempted, coition is painful)

Caladium seg. (sudden fall of erection  during embrace and without ejaculation)

Conium maculatum( Testicular injury – hydrocele, varicocele,orchitis.

6.  Dioscoria ( Emission in sleep, relaxation and coldness of organs, pain shoot into testicles from region of kidney, excessive tea drinkers, )

7. Phosphoric acid (oligospermia & low motility of sperms)

8. Titanium (too early  ejaculation)

9. Lycopodium ( sexual dysfunction ( Acquired and situational), premature ejaculation, impotence)

10. Tribulus terrestris ( patients of mid 40’s having partial impotence)


Please share cases treated successfully with homeopathy with clear approach how we arrived at remedy, repetition, potency selection then only we can get over our failures.


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