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SCIENCE and OBSERVATION Being both a scientist and an observer of the homeopathic community, I feel compelled to make an observation. Particularly in the UK and to some extent in the US, agents of allopathic medicine (mostly Big Pharma) run a relentless campaign to discredit homeopathy based on a simple and feckless observation. The observation that says when "something" does not contain at least Avagadro's number (6.02 X 10 (-22)) atoms of a substance cannot possibly have any therapeutic effect. They claim as fact that such a substance can have NO effect on anything, that it does not exist!

In conclusion they say, when a homeopath prescribes a 30C or a 200C remedy obviously it contains NOTHING and therefore can do NOTHING.

Why do homeopaths continue to fall for this ruse? Science as discipline deals with the realm of matter. The fact of the matter is that on the fringes of science, subatomic particle physics, there is an attempt to deal with energy; and indeed it is POORLY understood.

The genius, Dr. Hahnemann, discovered a new paradigm of "science" that addressed pure energy (which alas even he did not fully understand). But, what did he find out was a fundamental principle of energy: "Like cures Like" and the surprising fact that energy of a homeopathic remedy ramifies itself to be even greater when one exceeds Avagadro's number regarding its molecular "concentration."

Homeopathy is not MATTER medicine, it is ENERGY medicine! Why don't we both acknowledge this and embrace this fact? Trying to "compete" with the allopaths when their response is both predictable and compelling is a waste of our precious time. They will win this battle every time because is stimulates a common sense reaction to the uneducated mind. What can you say when presented with this statement: Nothing can cure Nothing. Fighting this battle will always end it defeat. Stop fighting battles and work towards winning the WAR.

HWC has done a wonderful job of educating the practitioners, these are the people who don't need to be educated. This is like preaching to the choir. We need to work towards educating the masses of people who are suffering or in pain. We need to reach the ears of people who have been failed by our conventional medical systems. Keep your eye on the prize- you will overcome!

Amedeo Avogadro Italian Physicist (1776-1856): Avogadro's number = 6.0221415 × 1023

Thank you DR. ARINDAM DUTTA for directing our attention to the article LINKED Below:
Towards understanding molecular mechanisms of action of homeopathic...:
An overview by Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh; Department of Zoology, University of Kalyani, Kalyani, West Bengal, India

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Aren't there those unanswered questions in Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology that are waiting to be answered? So too, in homeopathy. We do not have a why but only an observational truth yet to be understood. Just like Gravity. Do we have to wait until the ball falls upon our heads to utilize the principle?
Robert, I love your stance!!!

It just so happened that I was introduced to a a group of university professors by a scientist who promptly asked them if they thought it was possible for homeopathy to work because most of the substances were made beyond Avogadro's number. I was so stunned I just sat that and tried to explain that water holds memory...very ill at ease. Instead of addressing what homeopathy is on their terms I could simply have said "Avogadro's number deals with matter. Homeopathy is not matter medicine - it is energy medicine."

From there the explanation easily leads into our understanding that homeopathic medicine works through the PNEI axis, Rajan Sankaran's explanation. I also very much like the terms that Dana Ullman uses, "nanomedicine" and "nanopharmacy". People perk up when I say that Homeopathy is nanomedicine. They seem to get it, to be open to hearing about it.

We need to develop an "elevator talk" on homeopathy - a quick 30 second explanation:
"Homeopathy is nanomedicine that restores balance to the Psychological,Neurological, Endocrinological and Immunological axis which controls and regulates all other body systems. That is the holistic nature of our medicine, and the reason that it is without side effects and toxicity." I am sure that someone more eloquent than I could put it together better. We could all use it.

BTW I was just reading an old posting where Dana Ullman was engaging with these skeptics - it was depressing. I don't have the stomach for it.

Thanks very much, Robert, for this posting. Really - maybe we should develop a concise, modern explanation that is universal for all of us to be able to use. This is a positive way to move our profession forward.
Thanks for the 30 second explanation Marilyn, that is by far the most interesting explanation of homeopathy....
very well said Dr. Bruck. I think we should stop wasting our energy trying to fight this battle and let the fools be fools, anyone whose time is to truly understand this concept will do so when it is their time...
I did not know about homeopathy and infact was brought up with pharmaceuticals all my life until 3 years ago and suddenly it was like a match was lit in the darkness and everything made sense...
A person who was a fool for thrity eight years was transformed when she was ready...
So I think we can educate masses but not fight it to the point that our energies will be wasted in the wrong direction....
What an excellent viewpoint you have given towards Homoeopathy! Well said Robert.
And thanx to Marilyn for your 30 seconds “elevator talk”!
Let the “elevator talk” be our signboard & let the fools be fools. Meanwhile we do our own work instead of fighting.

In this context I like to share something with you, please read the attachment below -


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