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I am an ardent lover of indoor plants. I became interested in this subject while i was working in Kuwait with Kuwait Airways as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. It was 1983 that i joined KAC.What i noticed was being a desert country it seemed a barren land except for the government maintained parks and and median on the roads which were green; Temperature in Kuwait hovers around 40s or so. Present day Kuwait is a different story.

The expatriate residents would invariably decorate their houses and apartments with house plants according to their likings, to be close to nature. Some would decorate their living room as if it was their backyard garden, with various types of exotic plants. Some how I felt that these plants gave us peace and positive energy. If at any time plant showed signs of decay one would rush to the nursery, (there were many in Kuwait) to seek help and the attendant would either offer "MIRACLE GROW" drops or suggest some packaged medicine from various countries but mostly from HOLLAND.

Now is the right time to experiment with Homeopathic medicine to treat various problems of plants, such as wilting, stunted growth, fungus, etc. especially for indoor plants. I think there are people who may have experimented with homeopathic medicine. I know that Agrohomeopathy is slowly catching on and Dr Kaviraj has researched and published his work on the subject.

I would now request members of HWC to share their experiences of treating indoor plants with homeopathy and enlighten us with their valuable knowledge

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