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In Six Words Your Vision For The Future Of Medicine

TEDMED convenes the week of April 18, 2013 at the Kennedy Center. Organizers believe they will have attracted the brightest, most forward-thinking medical innovators of our time in one place. Does anyone know if alternative practitioners will be there, or even one homeopath?


The discussions and conversations will take place about the future of health — and they promise innovation and big ideas. Will Homeopathy be part of the discussion?


In the spirit of Twitter, everyone has learned to hone down their thesis to just a few words and will ask participants to condense all that must be said into six words. This makes it memorable, repeatable, and possibly the title of a book or movie, the rhythm of a poem or the lyrics in a song.


Would you like to play? In exactly six words, tell us your hope for the future of health and medicine. 


The delegates already submitted their six word essence. Go to WORDLE and create a cloud image. The basic theme structure was created into the picture you see at the top of this article. Here are six sentence structures. 

  • People living longer in full health
  • Breakthrough business models driving better health
  • Prevention is better than a cure
  • Affordable preventive care, promoting individual responsibility
  • Human networks, collaborative discovery, thoughtful personalization
  • Greater understanding and impact through communication

How would you state your vision for the future of health and medicine in exactly six words?

Here is an example





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Dear Debby, We have arranged "TEDMEDLiveTheOtherSong" here in India in collaboration with TEDMED-KENNEDY CENTER and I am glad to tell you that DR.RAJAN SANKARAN will be the first homeopath to speak at TEDMED forum!

All our talks will be online few months after the actual event on APRIL-21-2013.


P.S.: See brochure attached.

This is marvelous news. 

Daring,endearing,invincible,powerful, humble,Homeopathy.


HWC Partners


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