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Last year I was attending a seminar on Sensation method. After presenting the cases, each faculty asked the probable remedies to the audience. Like most of the seminars, students and practitioners responded with vivid answers, but the experienced doctors and celebrities did not respond. Immediately I took the microphone and requested the experienced doctors in sensation method to tell the probable remedy. There was an utter silence for a few minutes!

The remedy selected for most of the cases were unexpected, and the names were not even heard before.

The same story happens in most of the seminars. Only the faculty can tell the correct remedy, and others keep on telling different drugs ranging from A to Z. Accidentally, some lucky guys can tell the correct remedy, but the faculty will squeeze him again by asking about the potency or follow-ups.

Like the old dictum, “one man’s food is another man’s poison,” I feel the same situation is present in our system: “one homeopath’s remedy is another homeopath’s antidote!”

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Because every homeopath thinks that he is right and others are wrong...Seminars are arranged to show their supremacy.


Because most of the Homoeopathic Seminars are windows of right & wrong...People say some thing & do some thing else in their clinics....



agree !! most of the cases presented in the seminars are framed.

The answer to this question lies in "Interpretation of the case" by seminar attendees and case presenter...

Interpretation by and large will never be standard in general and will never be in case of homeopathy...the day we will standardize the treating of case, we will be called an extension of allopathy or something like that....

Given the same case and same circumstances with role reversal, then most probably this time the "original" case presenter who now is "attendee" will also come up with different remedy....So finally it is not how much anybody knows perfect homeopathy, but it is the amount of time spent with patient to understand the real essence of what is required to be taken care of in the case....

sometime someone who comes up with same remedy as prescribed by presenter, then we can say that the "interpetation" wave length of both of them was on same frequency, hence the same end result.


This difference is due to giving value to symptoms with their understanding, some one gives importance to causative factor, some gives importance to fundamental cause[miasma] & some gives importance to mental symptoms & others give importance to modalities........

But the curative remedy is one only. selected by any method must be the same.


If we think that all those medicines selected by various methods are curative then homeopaths mixing several seemingly indicated medicines are not doing wrong in their practice.

What a lively conversation. I think you will receive many explanations for this phenomena. This also reminds me of an article I recently read regarding medical physicians who tell their patients what drugs to take, but they will take another course of action. 


We all sit in a different seat, whether in the audience, on the stand, as the patient or student. Each has their own perspective on the situation, what they are presently studying, what is on their minds at the time, whether they truly listen with unbiased open mind, how much knowledge and experience at their disposal. 


It may have probability that more than one remedy will also act; and as discussed previously, the relationship between patient and homeopath has an effect. Do not forget that "observer" phenomena can change the whole scenario and outcome. [physics]


BTW [By the way], I 'always' try not to put a blanket statement or generalization such as, "This or that 'always' happens." LOL We all do it. At the NCH conference one of the speakers intentionally provided a cured case where the remedy was most obvious based upon symptoms to all the listeners. [sulphur case]

In any given process, standardisation of process is a must.

Homeopathy emphasise on individualization of every patient,but each individual doctor also start behaving independent of the process needs, hence by and large Homeopaths will continue selecting different remedy for the same patient.An average Homeopath can't be blamed for it. In fact process requires improvement.We have different MMs, different rep, but behind these the principle 'simila, similibus curenture' - like cures like. stands like a pillar.

In case we desire standardisation, We must define our process, measure it, analyse it, improve upon the process and standardise the same. Unfortunately no concrete step has been taken in this direction,hence this anomaly

:) Wonderful and Thought provoking questions!

It has been my observation too that experienced and 'celebrities' doctors reserve themselves lest the bubble of their aura will burst. And you surely made them uncomfortable I must say.

I see two aspects:

  1. There exist truth in the layer method (onion peel) leading to cure like what James Compton Burnett had demonstrated. And hence the different doctors start with different remedy based on his interpretation.
  2. Standardization on rubric selection (now the problem here is that we don't have any standardized repertory to start with). Among many other homeopaths Dr. Vijaykar has talked on this topic and has even suggested for example: a rubric that is interpreted as: timid/mild/shy/introvert and be taken under a broad rubric like: Talk, indisposed to...

I would say we need to work on a project to standardize rubrics which can be interpreted and applied by all uniformly. This would mean that the first broad rubrics consist of all the remedies that could be in other sub rubrics.


Those faculty has worked over that method so they know how to judge? Only person can does who take the case. Remedy can be guess but results may vary according to homoeopaths line of treatment. I may get cure for renal stone by lyco and same renal stone for same patient staphysagria will work for different homoeopath. Because our homoeopathic field is so vast and didnot having boundaries.

Sensation method first proposed by Rajan shankaran. He is very good in his approach. Person finally toold us a remedy but we have to be alert while using method. I my self solve many cases with the sensation method.


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