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In Defense of Homeopathy

The WITNESS published an article by Rouen Bruni in June 2009
In Defense of Homeopathy

The article begins: ALTHOUGH his columns are entertainingly acerbic, William Saunderson-Meyer relies on derision rather than fact to convince us of the inefficacy of homeopathy (Weekend Witness, June 6 and June 13). Below are a few facts to take into account.

We must applaud those who come to the defense of homeopathy by pointing out the errors, biases, half-truths, and approach to deride individuals rather than write with objectivity and diplomacy.

We must correct editorialists and journalists who use incorrect terms or peg homeopaths into square holes and define the profession incorrectly. Call them out on this and set them straight!

Emphasize the professionalism within which homeopaths work. Teach about the years of training and clinical experience. Tell about the rules of conduct. Explain that there are ways that homeopaths can work WITH traditional physicians to heal the patient.

There are examples today of how surgeons have embraced homeopathy in surgery [note: arnica] when they see its efficacy. These physicians really care about their patients and want the best, gentlest, most rapid healing. It certainly helps when the patient can leave the hospital to the comfort of their homes in good time with their bruises and sutures well underway of mending.

I give Bruni credit for attempting to explain the principles of homeopathy to laypersons and the authors of derogatory publications. He gives the example of placebo and how homeopathy is based upon the unique symptoms of each individual. He explains, "Consequently, 20 different patients with diarrhoea could be given 20 different homeopathic medicines to treat the specific reaction their body produces."

Sometimes, I think people cannot completely understand these concepts unless they have experienced the healing themselves or have done extensive training in the foundational books of Hahnemann's Organon.

We must continually present the well documented scientific studies until the message finally hits home. And we must continue to conduct and publish more studies. Even though our successes are numerous, they don't fall under the strict limited bounds of 'traditional scientific experiments."

Homeopathy is not just 'material' in nature, but is based upon spirit and takes into account that humans are more than flesh and blood. We have emotions and souls. That contributes more to our well-being than anything else. Unfortunately, we can scientifically account in measurable terms for this life force. We can only observe their effects.

Bruni brings up another good point. It has been demonstrated that homeopathy works wonders for many acute and chronic conditions and symptoms. There is no reason why if it helps in those cases for particular symptoms, it should not work for many other syndromes, which are called by disease names. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the medical community were open-minded enough to try remedies for epidemic diseases that are totally out of control like MRSA, heart-disease, cancer, malaria, etc.?

Dr Bruni ends his discussion with the finality that his practice is regulated by a governing body which overseas good methods of this specialty.

When we write our own articles let's use these main points to defend our profession:
  • Define our terms
  • Call out half-truths and misinformation
  • Write with professionalism and diplomacy
  • Demonstrate how homeopaths work with other medical professionals
  • Give examples of how homeopathy is presently used by traditional physicians and hospitals
  • Illustrate that evidence proves homeopathy works beyond placebo
  • Note that placebo heals, why not use that as another tool for wellness
  • Teach the principles of homeopathy
  • Note our documented successes and scientific studies
  • Talk about the need to be open-minded to really give new methods a chance to prove themselves, rather than dismiss any form of healing outright
  • Let others know that not only does homeopathy have a long history of medicine, but the profession also has governing bodies, teaching hospitals and colleges to train professionals

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