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Hello my dear colleagues this is again a very interesting subject which is always in my thoughts that whether prescribing placebo is equally important in treating Chronic cases your valuable opinions are very important to all the homoeopaths in homoeopathy community.

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Hello, Dr Supriyo. You mean prescribing placebo to patients who need to take medicines every day?
In my oppinion Some patients need placebo pills. Why?
1-they are used to taking many doses of allopathic drugs,feel the need to keep swallowing pills.
2-its a means to stall those impatient patients,these people want to hurry up their healing protocal,doing nothing/taking nothing is just not comfortable for them

I know all practicioners have had these type of patients,not only me.
A practicioner cannot keep giving repeated doses daily for no reaSON.
The organon has specifics in prescribing principles.
One dose of #10 size poppyseed globule disolved in water (wet dose) and succussed. Then watch and wait............................
to keep giving the same remedy /same potency/multi dry doses is not wise in my oppinion.
We as homeopaths understand this principle well,but our patients do not!
Thus placebo Sac Lac is used to avoid a homeopathic 'proving'.

I am sure others have their own views on this matter.
In chronic patients, one need to go for placebo prescription when
1. the patient has been used to a lot of regular medicine intake as in other non-Homeopathic treatments
2. patients who are more anxious and keeps wanting some or other medicine
3. we need to monitor the patient regularly say every 1 month
In case we can teach our patients, which takes time, we can avoid this placebo, and ask the patient to come when needed only.
Usually I give one 10# pill of the selected remedy in 120ml water in a bottle, and to take with required succession once a day till they get minimal reaction, say 2 to 5 days. once they start towards the healing path, i give the same kind of bottle with a placebo pill added, and repeat only when is required. And in most correctly taken and prescribed cases, the repetition is only needed many months after.
Still the stage when a homeopathic patient, needs no placebo and can get along with the doctor's advice with confidence, is when Homeopathic principles have truly reached them.
That will show the patients' confidence in Homeopathy over other systems of medicine. As a Homeopath we need to educate our patient also.
very well said Dr Prema.

Placebo is essential in cases where patient is addicted to take regular medicine (turning to homeopathy after using other systems). Placebo keeps the patient in-tact with homeopath watching the progress of prescribed remedy.

Besides, sometimes, simple placebo provides great results too.


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