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Originally titled "Success Stories" This Tab is for people to write the reasons why they love HWC. What success stories can you tell. Did you meet an old friend, make a new friend, learn something new, form a collaboration, find out about an event, start something new because of HWC ?

This is for telling the benefits of this website. Why it is needed and what people have gained from being in this community.

Where do I begin? My greatest happiness is meeting so many people from around the world who have a similar interest, passion and goal. I won't be able to list everyone's name who have given freely from their heart to make Homeopathy World Community a great success.

We are really only in our infancy stage here. But we will grow rapidly.

I have challenged myself to learn how to make this website the most friendly, easy to use, best site ever in social networking. I have had to be strict with asking everyone to upload a photo so that we can REALLY get to know you better. Making sure that people have a reference makes it a more secure place to visit.

Plus, I try to respond to the needs of each member and everyone has been incredibly kind and gracious with their thoughts and work. Everyone trying to help each other makes us a family community.

love to all

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I don't just like HWC..."I LOVE HWC"!!!
Thank you Debby for generating this very active and interactive community. It is rapidly progressing as a powerful tool for Homoeopaths for so many reasons. It helps to acquaint and reacquaint with fellow colleagues, offer a multitude of research resources, keep a finger on the pulse of numerous events and news items relating to Homoeopathy, provide alerts to keep informed about attacks on Homoeopathy, is escalating the spreading of the word Homoeopathy in a healthy manner, discussions can be entered or created, advice and tutorials for promotional avenues etc are given, demonstrates an excellent organised and professional approach without forfeiting a welcoming presence, inspiring video footage can be seen, barriers are non-existent between all levels of experience, it is a veritable learning centre, has opened up the world to us as a master networking hub to be a universal force...and the list goes on. The enthusiasm is both omnipresent and infectious. This project you began Debby, with the support of your team, is 'dynamic' to say the least...for all the effort and success of these pages...'BRAVO'!!!
I am truly humbled, Tanya. I'm so happy something is good for the community. And thank you so very much for the many comments on Shorty Award. Love, Debby
My truly deserve it ;)


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