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Originally titled "Success Stories" This Tab is for people to write the reasons why they love HWC. What success stories can you tell. Did you meet an old friend, make a new friend, learn something new, form a collaboration, find out about an event, start something new because of HWC ?

This is for telling the benefits of this website. Why it is needed and what people have gained from being in this community.

Where do I begin? My greatest happiness is meeting so many people from around the world who have a similar interest, passion and goal. I won't be able to list everyone's name who have given freely from their heart to make Homeopathy World Community a great success.

We are really only in our infancy stage here. But we will grow rapidly.

I have challenged myself to learn how to make this website the most friendly, easy to use, best site ever in social networking. I have had to be strict with asking everyone to upload a photo so that we can REALLY get to know you better. Making sure that people have a reference makes it a more secure place to visit.

Plus, I try to respond to the needs of each member and everyone has been incredibly kind and gracious with their thoughts and work. Everyone trying to help each other makes us a family community.

love to all

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I was delighted to have been invited to join the HWC during its first week and since then, have watched it grow. I have invited colleagues, linked up with old contacts, made new friends and been able to inform other homeopaths of the seminars we organise at Phoenix Talks ( Without the HWC, I would not have learned of the upcoming seminar in Mount Dora, Florida, which I will be able to attend, travelling there from the UK! We were already planning to spend a week in Florida in July, visiting my sister in Sarasota, so when I met Jean Hoagland here, and she mentioned the seminar in Mount Dora, I thought "I think I can do that!" All the pieces have come together as if it were meant to happen so I look forward to meeting American colleagues on the 18th of July. Thank you to Debby and Melissa for this great initiative. Helen
Wow! Helen ~ A lot is happening in your life. This is so marvelous. I also invite you to CLICK ADD A DISCUSSION at the top of this page to create your very own story line of wonderful news that emanated from HWC.

I'm just ecstatic that good has come from this little website. Then you can click the EMAIL BUTTON BELOW that says FOLLOW to receive messages in your inbox.

My success story is a full-time practice within a year of graduation from the Vancouver Homeopathy Academy. Now I see 8 to 10 new clients and 15+ follow-ups a week. I am heading up a college: to show others how to do this. To be effective and to let the public know about homeopathy is the two-pronged approach that has worked. Our clinic has created the ideal setting:
Linda F.G. Miller, CCH, RSHom(NA)
I continue to be amazed at the variety of people and their knowledge about homeopathy and human nature. People have been trained in different schools coming from many cultures. The emphasis may be different, I don't know. There is still so much to learn.

Mostly, I am finding everyone very friendly and welcoming, wishing to teach and to the best they can to make the world a better place.
This is the liveliest and most vital "ing" group that I am a member of. Thank you for being here.
I would like thank Dr. Gina Tyler first, who invited me to join this Community...
After joining as a member here, I was surprised and catalyzed by the dedication in works of Debby, Hats off to you Debby.
The same plan of developing such a forum has been running through our team members for a long time, after knowing your work we are much more happy to meet more like minded peoples here.
This community have made us to work and learn better than before.. Knowing things around the world and having a direct contact with the related people have made us to improve our clinical practice and creativity and made us to read more new things.
I would like to thank Debby and her supporters with a special best wishes on behalf our Homoeo Academe team.

with regards,
Dear Charu ~ Such a nice story of improvement and interaction. I am looking at the clinical work and the marvelous photographs of happy Homeopathy Camp Children. We can see the good works in action! Keep demonstrating positive works for humanity to lift our spirits.

Dear Debby,
Thanks for ur supportive words. sorry for the late response.
Still we are trying to do some more good works here. Planned to open some peripheral health centres in the name of our Homoeo Academe in near by villages and planned to give a treatment of free cost to the poors. Inform u soon after working out the paln.

with love,
Dear Charu
Can you go more into detail regards this Homeocamp for cHildren?

In Case your interested in spreading this out to Bali Indonesia I can set you up with Contacts.

I Have introduced Homeopathics into many small clinics all over Bali Indonesia the past few years. The word HOMEOPATHY does not even exist in their dictionary. A massive country of 17,000 islands (bali is one of these islands) With verry little imput regards teachers/practicioners/remedy labs...........etc.
The territory is wide open for those willing to adventure into the unknown.
Dear Dr.Gina Tyler,
This was a scheme that offered by the Canara Bank through which we conducted this camp with our team doctors.
Our Academe Group members are ready to spread the homoeopathy anywhere in world with the good spirit , If there is any chance to do such camps, seminars and awareness education we are ready to help you.

Thank u,

with love,
I like HWC! Not just for all that it is doing for the cause of Homeopathy but also the way in which it is being done. The community is growing so fast, but yet all the links, pages, postings are so well organised. I am sure the admin have their hands full but it is the labour of love!

The clincher is your "welcome" for every new member! It touches the heart, the very effort of doing it.

The level of member interaction is sincere, dynamic and welcoming. A truly family community. I appreciate the strictness, discipline is a necessary condition for progress. And freedom too makes sense only in the context of progress.

Thank you Debby and the whole team, for all the love and toil that has gone into this community! I sensed its aura: very vibrant indeed and quite ambitious.
Let's all work towards it ....
Having been a member at different homoeopathy websites, i must say this is the most inspiring of all. It was Gina Tyler who directed me here and at first i thought, "oh no, not another one.". Then she sent me a second message and i decided to have a look - the difference is all too obvious. Since that time, i seldom go anywhere else anymore - this is my home.


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