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Hypnosis is a very useful method for self cure in various psychosomatic types. Once I was depressed because of some family problem and I felt a headache. I decided to use self hypnosis in the situation. I suggested that, "I am becoming relax, relax, relax." I realize that my problem is not a big problem so I'm feeling very relaxed in my body. My body had become completely relaxed and the headache had gone.

Hypnosis is very easy way to relax our self when confronted with social problems.

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Hello doctor,iam dealing with pt. of bipolar depression which is vary difficult to cure because of its bipolar nature.please can u tell me something more about hypnotherapy.

Dr manissha chahal

Dr. Manissha,

I am a national board certified diplomate in clinical hypnosis, with over 20 years experience as a part of my more general psychotherapy practice. I have to say that hypnotherapy would be of limited value for most people with bipolar disorder. But by "limited", i don't mean "insignificant."

Most people with bipolar disorder need to learn certain skills. Besides having a regular schedule, adequate sleep, and other such factors that promote equanimity, they also need to learn to relax, especially when feeling impulsive. Hypnotherapy can help in that regard, as can meditation, guided imagery, etc. It would be most helpful for them to learn auto-hypnosis, so that they can apply it when most needed.

I also strongly recommend that my patients keep a record of "up" days and "down" days, so we can track the periodicity and discover whether there are environmental factors affecting their disorder.

Thank you Bruce for your contribution here.
Very nice. This is why I have presented the Sunday Night Meditation Radio shows for 30 minutes. Like self hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation, and breathing techniques all help to reduce stress and bring calm into our lives.
Biofeed back can also help beside techniques mentioned above;


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