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Hypertension and Homoeopathy

Definition of hypertension: The medical name for high blood pressure.

Historical review of hypertension: Blood exerts pressure. That fact was first discovered by the English physician William Harvey (1578–1657) in the 1600s. Until nearly a century later, no one actually tried to measure blood pressure.

The English clergyman and physiologist Stephen Hales devised the first blood pressure measuring device. He cut open the blood vessel in various animals and inserted a metal pipe into the vessel. He then connected the pipe to a long glass tube. Blood was pushed out of the vessel into the glass tube. The blood rose to different levels in the tube for different animals.

It took another century for physicians to find a way to take blood pressure without actually cutting into a blood vessel. In 1876, the German physician Samuel Siegried von Basch (1837–1905) invented the first sphygmomanometer.
  • Systolic Blood PressureThe highest pressure reached by blood in the arteries is called the systolic pressure. Systolic it is the force of blood in the arteries as the heart

To see the complete article, please see the attached file. Thanks.

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Dr. Rajneesh,

The cardiac repertory with reference to the thread above, provides quite useful information. Thanks.

most welcome sir...

Thank you Sir. This is really helpful.

Most welcome Dr. Molla..

thnaks much

Welcome Dr. Faheem.

Dear sir hope you fine , i want to discuss a case of sever nausea . 

child age 12 years come to complaint of intensive nausea, that agg to morning after awaking to till night almost 11 pm. 

during nausea he feels whole body pain, and cant touch to others, he is much restless, countinues moaning during trouble. when nausea attack is gone in night he feel much fresh and have a good mood with parents and friends.

thirst and hunger  diminished, nausea raise in chest area , 

L.F.T  120, hepatitis c is positive during test report. 

i gave him ipecac due to this symptom of nausea but no response.

i checked his thermal condition no esp. he is some fat like Calc constitution, but no work, i gave him aconite , bell, cammomilla with the passage of time but no work, please guide me , much thankful to you

Try Cuprum met 200 one dose and wait for three days.


thanks much sir

God bless you



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