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To get a clear understanding about man & mankind one has to first relise the full understanding about scientific models. A model is always a discription of natural & sacred laws about man.

when we breath in we have to take into consideration, that this is the first step of homeopathy. We potensise the environement into our inner space. The compatiments of different desity.

We combust space into matter.As well as we defragment matter into warmth.  The ancient system of Tibetan & Himalayan masters, know this as ThomaYoga. The conscious ability to revers human metabolism to inhence the body temperature at will. The Master chead to dry a wet blanket by minus temperatures on themaster-students naked body.

What is misunderstood in our way of searching for mental models to describe phenomena of life is, that we get stuck in form, where the continious concept of the Univers and Albert Einsteins postulate stays
eternaly conected with the ongoing flow of life.

Samuel Hahneman was able by his refined observation and practical
invention to solve this eternal information technology for humanity.

He clearly made a point, that infomation on a medium is different than the medium itself. Actually defined by its density as well as by seing matter as a hardware and software to transcribe.

In computerscience we clealy experience that phenomena: Transcribing information from one media to another, and forming images or impulses for consious data reading and understanding.

Comming to the precreation state of Hydrogeen, known as ion+, proton proton with electron, Deuterion, (one proton plus one  neutron including the electron),triterion (one proton with two neutrons) and at the edge of understanding, that Helium is the substance of two Hydregeens being in fusion, which radiats in its status nascendy two
electrons in a short amount of time.Being defined as two protons pure, or two protons with two electrons; as well as the posibility of two protons and one neuton of two protons and two electrons.
Theoreticaly even a Helium of two protons and three neutrons is possible. Which would lead to  a highly radioactive Helium.
Even more interesting would be the matter of fact, that depending on the peressure in the surrounding environment the time of defragmentation will be different.Or depending on the temperature the time of matter being materialised will differ befor defragmentation ( in the sense of redatian)

In some of the top researchers references one will be confronted with the definition of human metabolism. This metabolism expand in between magnetism ( materialisation, heat or radiation absorbing, taken as manifestation energy) form, or difined as heat (electricity-radiation) defragmentation of matter.

This is important in the data transfer.

A human body is able to resonate and burn down any matter into warmth radiation. This is known in the model of the Krebs-Cicle as
producing in the mitochondria of a cell, two hydrogeen Ions+ Which have hardly any space as the are at the status nescendy state of the art of having a certain direction.the direction upward, and when gathered in an highpressure vessel, wil lead to manifestation of binding energy. in this density of warmth or state in between matter and thoughtform, this proton plasmafluidity can be taken as precreation ink of the consiousness to write into matter.

Here the exact phenomena takes its place in the memor system of man in the formated nuclei of nervous-cells forming a great amount of aminoacids and proteins generated in the glands. The cascade of light, High desity matters of Hormons and flow of hydrogeen activity in the bloed.

The masters of the Himalayas learn by will and state of the art to
practice this full alchemistic transfer of molecular. atomar and rediation of warmth and immunological strength through practice of this invers state of metabolism.

Interesting is that the millions of Nadis or pories in the skin, can be opend as a lamina flow instrument, to let go of heat or rebuilt heat in the full metablic matter of density.

Amino ascids of the glands have the highest binding energy, fat has the character of holding energy in the form of Carbo-hydrats, which tells us at the edge of temperature pressure and ascidity the real amount of free radicals( protons- neutrons).

Interesting is here the statemant of the himalayan Matsters, that the metablic endproduct Urats or uricacid, can be transversed or churned up with the Thomaoga( oversaturating the Human body with Breath Volume) and genarate especialy with the gamma-ray amount of the
neutronflow of the morning sun a precreation field of deposit of rays combusted into matter( human-body) as the inner field of a human body is magnetized by the flow of red bloodcells into a magnetic cage
which has the capacaty to hold neutrons.

This state even can be enhanced with the darkest time in our atmossphere which is known to the Yogis as PranaHuti, the invers spot and line at the counterpart of the Zenith of the sun.
When Yogis practice this full KriyaYogi techniek in the begining of the day at 12-1 oçlock in the night.They are known to become the Tiger or lion state of radiance: highly conscious, most active to serve humanity most during the day.

One can reach a state of human MRI-scan by having enhanced the physical body with maximum of neutron captured in the physical form, that a Master himself showers grace upon another human being of lower metabolic frequence.

This is similar to the way Hahnemann tought to produce a homeopathic remedy. by churnich the dens matrix of a substance into
milk sugar, the first drystalisation state of any mamal.

The vesel is in analogy, the dark univers, at the edge of the morter, which holds the presure of the two substance which have to be taken into the state of data transfer.

Interesting is here the state of the conscious art of the praticionar, healing substance maker, pharmacist. He can by the discision of the moment capture the datatransfer at its most.

The Himalayan master produce there remedies to distruct them only during the day, when the gamma ray flow into matter is strongest.

As we use our computers with electricity to bind and inbind information flow of data.Without this temperature or pressure flow
now data transfer would be possible in our technical computers. Same
thing is with the preparation of remedies in the Himalayan region.

Best combusted data transfer is in the region of the highest mountain of the High Himalaan rang.

That is why the remedies made from plants minerals and substances of the Kumaon region, known as Awadh, Oudh, holds the highest recomanded matrix for healing world wide.

Mt. Kailash and Lake Manserowa hold the image of Pyramide morter into the Atmosphere and the lake the component of delution of substances like the process of Homeopathic preparation, geniusly being given by Samuel Hahneman to the people of the "Western"- hemissphere and the world. to re-unit human beings with the suttle
flow of highly vibrating Substances. Even the DHU( German Homeopathic Union) has a headkwater and open gateway at Dheradun. Indian Hoeopathy manufactured with GErman precission of

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Very interesting. Go on I am following you! Totally a new angle!! I wiil make comment after think about it.
With love.
I am happy that it is interesting to you, son of India! Great that you invite me to go on with this expanded and focused explanation. Yes it is a new agnle and it is with the real ethereal angel sustanctial matter, we all ar longing for, It ia available.
Please feel free to make a comment on it and find your questions, to inspire me to write more.
I am happy that you have the spirit and interest to follow me. See also my other writtings on my site.

With love of course!



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