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I became a member of HWC a few months back.These past few months i have come not only to love it but to respect it too.

Initially i was skeptical about this whole affair,specially to have your photograph uploaded as one of the compulsory requirement,beside the standard detail of your personal bio data.But as time passed i realized Debby the great lady behind this HWC carried an agenda and a message of a unique kind.A social network with Homeopathy as the main pillar and other allied subjects associated with science and philosophy together with general topics,as diverse as photography to Yoga,as plants to animals.Books to literature,

It has given me a sense of belonging.makes me feel a part of a extended family.As if i was amongst. my own kith and kin.Members are from many parts of planet earth.No one has ever met each other in majority of the cases.,They speak different languages in their own country but speak the language of love and friendship here.They know each other by name and not by number or Avatar;Every morning or any time of day or night every one greets each other on the CHAT window as if one had entered ones living room with friends awaiting to meet and greet them.

The unique feature of HWC is navigating its content.It starts with your or any members picture.Just click on the picture and it takes you into the personal page of the member,as if you are entering your guests house.There you learn about them who they are what they do what are their future plans.You may find their family pictures,videos and may be their favorite poetry;;

It all starts by opening the main page of HWC," CREATING WAVES OF AWARENESS"Here you are greeted with some very special features Firstly ,the CHAT window stands right in front of you inviting you to come in where many others are awaiting you.On the right side is another feature a BIG BEN click it and it will open the world clock for you to know what time it is in any part of the world as HWC is 24/7/365 affair.Pulsating always

On left sides of the Main page we have the activities,that are presently under discussion under different GROUPS. Also on the left there is a window displaying  featured photographs of members in a slide show;On right side area few advertisement including links to Hpathy,Twitter.etc.

The central part of the main page just below the CHAT are some colored banners about important feature and articles which HWC wants people to know about.For example WHAW or world  homeopathic awareness week,a week dedicated to Hahnemann on his birth anniversary commencing 10Th to 16th April.

Below these are again list of recent activities as and when they are posted by members, an on going session.Then we have the list of current blogs that have been posted recently.

All the pictorials and heading are live and click able,and navigate you directly into that feature,no hunting required.

A few important project that needs mentioning here are the work of HWC to organize and mobilize the Haiti disaster relief,.conducting the Twitter Tutorial,and the on going WHAW campaign.These were carried out with holding tele conferences,and lately Webinar conferences.Thanks to the magic of internet technology.

 It is worth mentioning that In the shortest possible time HWC sent in Dr Kaviraj with Homeopathic medicine worth thousand of dollars,contributed by members,together with food first aid and necessary  equipment,such as Haiti under extremely difficult situation.

There Dr Kaviraj and his team stayed on for a month rendering a yeomen service to the poor and needy.You can read the story in HWC blog section.Homeopathy helped thousand of people suffering from shock and trauma,and injury.HWC members it was a proud moment for Homeopathy and us.

The strength and dedication behind this young, energetic, and dynamic organization is a women of great strength and character Debby Bruck.Her imagination and vision behind HWC is phenomenal,to have conceived and implemented a dream into reality in a very short span of time.

Let us all wish HWC and Debby our best wishes as it augurs well for Homeopathy and all its present and future members.     


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Dearest Dr Wequar. What an incredible blog of support. You have a way with words and over this year you have been an integral part of the development of HWC. People can take a lesson from you in writing in-depth articles with images and videos, getting into the spirit of friendliness and helper.

As a key player in the 2010 Haiti Mission, we could not have done it without you. As a Florida resident, God must have put you in place to help sort things out with transportation, storage of supplies, organization and response of team members.

HWC has been a labor of love for all involved members. We have found each other and built relationships and bonds. We have shared our interests in many topics, not just homeopathy. HWC is a spirited bunch who is concerned with the health and welfare of others. We are concerned about the direction of national and international contemporary topics like vaccinations and toxins in the environment. We want our medical systems to improve and to move the direction of health care toward the recognition of homeopathy as a medical science.

We have helped support those on the ground in England fight against the opposition with polls, blogs, petitions, videos and live events. We have been there to create "a wave of awareness" about the benefits and safety of individualized homeopathic care.

We could not do it without you and all the others who love homeopathy.

thank you (HUGS)


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