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Homeopathy World Community

Creating Waves of Awareness

Homeopathy World Community Grew From A Spiritual Force

The need of homeopaths and healers to communicate, meet and interact.

This tiny seed has been growing day by day and most surprisingly, now for over two years. (Can you catch the mistake in this video?)



Learn about the Priceless Perk of Becoming a HWC Member

All my friends tell me that HWC provides an incredible service and platform for people across the globe to meet each other. Not only do we meet, but we interact time and again, forming lasting friendships. This is not happenstance or chance, this is divine intervention. 




Each day as I travel across the internet I'm meeting many people who provide wonderful advice, suggestions and information. When I receive a little nugget of gold, I feel that in return, I owe them a debt of thanks. They have a little donation image and link on their website, and although they might not expect everyone to be generous, they hope that people will be kind. One of my friends told me her network members don't even have to be asked to give. 


She finds $2, $5, $20 and $50 gifts in her PayPal account on a regular basis and never has to ask for membership fees. Certainly, they acknowledge all that she provides to her community members. 


Suddenly, I thought of Popeye The Sailor Man and a little ditty about paying on Tuesday for a hamburger today. Oh my! I see the cash register rank up in the RED for that little meal and Olive Oil is pretty adept with that knife. Stand back!

Brutus provides a slight-of-hand, and gosh, those old cartoons were awfully violent kicking up the dust. I wonder how they effected our innocent minds?

The concluding message states that as a service provider, Popeye and Olive Oil 'aim to please." 


The budgetary expenses have been adding up and increase due to the service providers and cost of running the network.

Assistance is needed to maintain the website by professionals in their respective fields.


$1600 for basic fees and then payment for outsourcing services


Newsletter Editor

Radio Show Manager

Curriculum Coordinator

Membership Assistant

And that still doesn't cover many of the maintenance activities like Marketing and connecting all the social networks together. 


How You Can Donate And Help Keep HWC Running

Living In A Small Town | Learn how you can donate from your profile page right now. Anita already gave, because she's passionate about HWC, and we adore her, too.

Building Friendships | You will learn how the network will greet you on October 9th, 2011 when you sign in to the network. 

Change To FeeBased HWC | My first message announcing this change was surprising and sudden because I resisted asking for help for this long. But, working these long round-the-clock hours, investing more and more money and expense to learn how to run this network, needing advise and assistance from business specialists and finally realizing the time has arrived. The world shifts, the economic times, and the energy resources all signaled a time to change. 


If you love HWC BlogTalkRadio shows, click to donate. We are increasing programming schedule in the coming year. Help sustain our shows. 

Check out BlogTalkRadio

Listen to the archive of hundreds of shows from the past year. Study The Organon of Medicine, learn about organic gardening and using agro-homeopathy, study the U.S. law, precedents and your constitutional rights to exemptions and waivers, and take time out once a week for a short meditation.

Future programming includes new guest speakers, Jonathan Shore, Christina Chambreau on veterinary health and many more. 

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