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Humanitarian Aid To Pakistan Flood Victims News from 2010

U.S. Department of State Pakistan Relief Fund

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asks for $5 or $10

“So I urge my fellow Americans to join this effort and send much needed help to the people of Pakistan by contributing to the Department of State’s Pakistan Relief Fund. Please go to or send $10 through your mobile phone by texting the word FLOOD, F-L-O-O-D, to 27722.

Pakistan Monsoon Flooding Spans Miles

July - August 2010

Flood waters that have submerged tens of thousands of villages, killed around 1,500 people and affected 20 million others  will not recede until the end of August.

Continued flooding may damage dams and barrages which are holding back rising water. Pakistan need help from overseas disaster relief experts such as the organized and efficient relief trained Israelis, known for their rescue missions from natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

Israeli civil society medical rescue teams are usually the first on the scene that move in to provide needed medical care, food, and shelter.

Gallery of Photographs of Pakistan Flooding
Baltimore Jewish Times World Jewish Relief Appeal Pakistan Flooding August 4, 2010

New York JTA Wire Service |  The Jewish humanitarian agency World Jewish Relief launched an emergency appeal to help the victims of major flooding in northwest Pakistan.

Unprecedented amounts of rain in the northwestern province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa killed more than 1,500 people and affected over 2 million. The monsoon rains are the heaviest to hit Pakistan in 80 years, and have contaminated vital water sources.

The United Kingdom-based World Jewish Relief organization is working with partners on the ground in Pakistan to help provide items such as emergency shelter and immediate health care. 

WJR appeal to the UK Jewish community shows their care and concern for the victims of this catastrophic natural disaster.

  • The purchase of 800 family kits providing support to almost 6,400 persons. The kits are being distributed to those displaced by the floods in the districts of Charsadda, Swat and Nowsherea in Khyber Pakhtunkwa Province.
  • Each kit consists of rehydration salts, mosquito nets, blankets, kitchen equipment, a floor mat and a plastic sheet for shelter. Assistance towards the reconstruction of 90 family homes completely destroyed by flood waters in and around the Mahal stream area of Bagh District in Azad Jammu and Kashmir provinced the Mahal stream area of Bagh District in Azad Jammu and Kashmir province.

WJR’s Pakistan Emergency Appeal  Just Imagine. What if this was you?

PAKISTAN PESHAWAR: Rescue workers and troops in northwest Pakistan struggled to reach thousands of people affected by the country's worst floods in living memory
as the death toll rose to 800.

Huffington Post: The world's disaster relief agencies and forces are not equipped to handle the numbers of large scale disasters occurring today.

The US forces use the emergency time to settle in with their comfortable equipment, air-conditioned tents, the kitchen and dining rooms, while the distribution of water and food is not managed and organized to care for thousands of desperate, injured and stranded people.

Unfortunately, little has changed in Haiti. Corruption and delays prevent a full rescue mission to help civilians recover and begin to rebuild. Most of the multi-millions in gifted aid money has not been delivered to its destination. This explains why so many are reluctant to give again.

Article on Flooding 2010-2012 in Pakistan

Our own Dr Wequar goes to Pakistan to help at a charity clinic. He has been developing resources to help those who are in dire need of medical care.

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