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Natural Rhythms & Cyclical Patterns
All concepts stand or fall with their ease of understanding and consequent adherence to laws and principles, because otherwise it becomes speculative hypothesis. Natural events follow cyclical patterns. Many cycles consist of four or six units, such as seasons in the four climate bands that circle the earth or the seasons that may prevail in some of them.

What is the expression of quintessence?
We know from the fact these cycles of four exist that a fifth – the originating intelligence – needs to be added to the equation. However, this is not the type of quintessence we speak about here. Here we speak about quintessence that can be expressed easiest in five short, terse aphorisms, which alone show truths about the scientific idea they convey and which together explain the entire concept in broad lines. We will meet several of them in these pages regarding diseases, elementary substances, elemental concepts and in the application of the Law of Similars.

  • The example above shows a headline in bold capital letters.
  • The next in the hierarchy is the subhead in bold as a short phrase that captures the main idea of the paragraph
  • Then is the description and more detailed paragraph.
  • This helps the reader flow from one idea to the next.
  • It makes reading easier on the eye and brain.
  • It allows for concentration and short rest when there is a one line SPACE between each paragraph. It is a little more work to write this way, but the results are exceptional. Try it, you’ll like it.
  • Also, to show professionalism, please be sure to check all your spelling and grammar!

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Hi Debby,

seems like i cannot reply to your mails. Tried and failed, so here are some answers to your proposals.

I'll be delighted with a live chat and some teaching to be done. The more we can spread these teachings, the better.

In your previous mail you said i was like the Redwood as one of the oldest trees in existence.
The Blackboy in Australia as well as the Huon Pine are much older - there are specimen of 40.000 yrs old. They grow but 1 mm per year and some are 40 metres tall. Blackboy is less tall, but has the hardest wood of any existing tree - a friend made a Buddha out of the softest part and took seven years and twenty sets of chisels to make a rather crude image, simply because he could not carve any detail. The wood is too hard. Can't be cut with chainsaws and only with diamond tipped circular saws. To cut through a 20cm stem takes 3 or 4 blades!

I do not know about many new remedies for people, such as the Californian Redwood - I have neglected my studies for people in the last 10 years. I am not familiar with Sankaran's work and others, except that I read some of his earlier books. Jan Scholten's work with the elements was more up my street - they are useful for plants too. I got caught up in Agriculture and the environment. Such a fascinating area of application and so much to learn there.

Kind regards,
Ah yes, one more thing. How can i edit posts?

To Edit a Discussion or Post that you have created is easy. Just Click EDIT DISCUSSION.

Each person has 15 minutes to edit a REPLY on a Threaded Forum Discussion.

There is no function to Edit a COMMENT on an unthreaded BLOG post.
Therefore, copy the text and create a new comment with your corrections, then delete the first one.
thank you for your guidlines, Debby !

i hope people will be tolerant with my absolutely not perfect english
(they might try in danish ;-)

i will try to show my professionalism in content, not in form.
see you around.

ps. I tried to send some lines on treating chronic pain,
did I succeed to send them?
Hi Ingrid. I am so pleased that you are going through some of the HWC TUTORIAL Suggestions. I feel our entire network will be organized and beautified when people write in a similar format. We will have our own style and look to our blogs and discussions.

If there is any way I can help, just send a message to my inbox or post a note on the LIVE CHAT.


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