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How to Work When You Feel Like Crap?

People all over the internet give their personal encouragement on how to get through the ups and downs of life. They share what they have experienced as most beneficial or not helpful in giving them that boost for when feeling a loss in energy, an upset tummy, a headache, or a sniffly cold and scratchy throat. They encourage their community to follow their lead. But, sometimes their influence may mislead when it comes to energy medicine and homeopathy. It's always wise to speak with a professionally trained homeopath for the best results.  



Homeopathy Is The Finest Form Of Individualized Care

Everyone wants some advice and who better than your best friend, or person you admire on a blog? However, don't throw caution to the wind, because what's good for the goose may not be good for the gander, especially when discussing 'individualized' care. The whole premise of homeopathy, based upon the teachings of Dr Samuel Hahnemann, consists of gathering information. The physician needs to know the key information about the symptoms, the intensity of those discomforts, the etiology or what brought on the symptoms in the first place if that can be determined, the circumstances of what makes the person feel better or worse, and even the periodicity. Have these same symptoms been experienced previously by the patient or are these set of symptoms a completely new experience?


Matching The Symptoms With The Correct Drug

In homeopathy the documentation of a person's  clinical expression of a drug effect will be gathered along with those throughout history to form the picture of that drug's expression. From here, the physician can match that set of symptoms, along with the location expressed in the body, affinity for particular organs, and even emotional and mental symptoms.


Miasms Include Exaggeration Of Expression

Sometimes a person will say, "This is the worst I've ever been," when they feel really, really badly. But, in many cases, if they have come down with a similar illness, it was either pretty much the same, but while they are living through the symptoms they feel them the most intensely. Or else, because that person keeps coming down with that set of symptoms, they really have progressed to a more intense form of the disease into a chronic state.


The Expression Of The Disease

Possibly, the fact that a person may say that this is the very worst they have ever felt tells us something about the expression of the drug that will match to heal the person. It may be a remedy that comes on quickly and leaves just as rapidly once the immune system gets into gear. For homeopaths we might mark the 'particular' sensations in a higher grade of expression or take extra note of this information.


Acute and Chronic Symptoms

When sick you can literally feel like crap. How does this show up for them 'individually?' One person may say they have become irritable, or do not want to be disturbed. Or, all they want to do is go home and get into bed because you've got a major headache that feels like cotton making it impossible to sit through a business meeting, think or concentrate. Unfortunately, the rhythm of the disease expression makes night time the worst time with all the congestion as the body attempts to eliminate the accumulation via coughing, leading the the chronic state of asthmatic wheezing.


Practice Good Sanitation

In addition, during the the flu and cold season when everyone in the office passes around the germs, please remember to wash hands thoroughly. Again, all the head congestion and discomfort makes it impossible to deal with important business and life decisions.


Type "A" People

Type A individuals who thrive on work and love to get things done have the hardest time during an illness that puts them out of commission. Striving for perfection, or having a competitive spirit may drive a person to work themselves very hard to compensate for some deep reason that would be brought out in a thorough consultation. In today's day and age, with available information on the internet and alternative forms of healing trending, like chiropractic, acupuncture, mindfulness training, yoga and other stress management techniques such as deep breathing, these type "A" people go along with the mainstream. They have come to learn that reducing the workload actually does release the pressure and stress of project deadlines and work expectations.


Sensitivities To Lighten The Environment

The type "A" people who thrive in a competitive spirit, demanding a lot from self and others have learned to realize their natural tendency and passion for conflict will not serve them well during times of illness. Best for them to crawl under the covers and stay home away from anyone who might set them off. When emotions flare, the asthma only worsens.


Watch Out For Addictions

Who do you know that doesn't love a Cup-a-Joe these days and swings by Starbucks for a daily dose of caffeine with cream and sugar. For type "A" individuals these stimulants may get exacerbate their symptoms in the way that Benadryl or other antihistamine and decongestants may temporarily relieve, but result in rebound effects. Know thyself. For many people, that coffee will actually help asthmatic symptoms, but maybe not when due to viral or bacterial infection.


Cleansing Out The Body

Hyperactive individuals who love stimulants, like spicy foods, alcohol, wine, coffee and work can take a sigh of relief if only they knew that certain homeopathic remedies may address their set of symptoms. Certainly, grandmother's wisdom of soothing, salty and hot chicken soup penicillin will go a long way for comfort and relieving some congestion. Taking lots of fluids, cleaning out the discharge with the neti pot, gargling with salt water, fresh water to wash the inside linings and help elimination will also keep the person hydrated, especially if going through any kind of fever. Sometimes, the body goes into survival mode and wants to put all the energy into fighting the illness. This means a loss of appetite so the body does not have to expend energy on digestion. Besides, diarrhea and or constipation may go along with the disease if the usual habitual routines are out of whack.


Vitamin D3

We have lots of evidence that Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and other herbals can help the body through the illness more quickly. With the short days of winter, the skin needs a bit more sun exposure to activate the vitamin D in the body. Many people have seen the benefits to indoor sunshine full spectrum lighting to shoo away those seasonal affective disorder blues. With the addition of a virus and all its discomforts, complaining about how badly you feel can be a habitual form of expression. In all actuality, the kinds of colorful discharges coming up and out of the  lungs and the nostrils simply feel too disgusting to talk about to anyone other than a family member.


Manage Your Symptoms With Homeopathy

We can see that people have personality traits, heredity, lifestyle and environmental factors that set them up for susceptibility to illness. Homeopathy, along with conscientious life style choices, may come to the rescue in the most high stress situations. This goes for the housewife, the factory worker or the white collar manager. If you have a controlling nature, then learning to lighten up, delegate, trust that others will handle everything while you coddle yourself back to wellness will take your far. Keeping a notepad and jotting down the symptoms as they come and go during the day and night will be a wonderful record for the homeopath to make the best matching remedy selection. A lot of people chalk homeopathy up to placebo effect. But, anyone who has experienced that 'similimum' exact match knows without a doubt that the remedy initiated the body's own immune healing process. How do they know? Because, their body, gestures and words, their personal desires and needs were expressed. If a select remedy was given without effect the illness would simply continue on its progressive pattern. Yet, when the correct remedy was given, an immediate response during an acute condition would change the whole picture as the person feels their sufferings leave the body and mind.


How To Work When You Feel Like Crap?

The answer is to stop working and give your body a chance to heal. We fall prey to illness when over taxing our energy levels, or having a susceptibility to a particular disease. Nurture yourself with a little compassion, rest, fluids, supplements and just the right homeopathic remedy to set everything back in order. You will come out stronger when you return to all those projects and deadlines.



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A very timely article,with lot to ponder upon.

Glad you enjoyed reading this one. 


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