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How to take account the symptoms, which appears only when the disease starts. For example: every time, during in common cold scaly patches appears on the left eyelid , and itch on hands and feet. At other times, these symptoms do not bother.  Do we need to consider these symptoms and how?

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Dear Baty. It makes sense to account for the seasonal affectation in the analysis. 

Hello, dear all!

1. In Russia, there are two opinions: should we consider patient’s characteristics and   symptoms when he's healthy or not?  Some homeopaths think we should, but other thinks not.  How this in your country?

2. Also there are some homeopaths, who do medical examination of the patient (for example, blood test, tomography ...) , because they believe that homeopathy is a method of treatment, but not diagnostic. But other homeopaths treat without any medical examination of the patient. What about such approaches in homeopathic practice in your country?

3. And finally, there are those homeopaths who include into the analysis common symptoms of the disease and who do not include it and seek only unusual symptoms.  Suppose, Thirst. Some homeopaths will consider thirst during the fever. But others will not, because they believe that thirst is associated with fever and should be in generally. How do you think is it correct?


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