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You want to follow a discussion and get updates in your email box.

For example: Here is a discussion on Reflexology

Go to that page. Scroll to the bottom of the article.

Select either RSS FEED and create a Feed Reader in your Email

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

RSS is the format for distributing news and other web content. When you put content into RSS and send that content to other people or websites, it's called a feed.

Feeds are very powerful. They attract the interest of the search engines and they reach new audiences.

Every blog has a feed. Most of the new social media sites are using RSS Feeds to distribute their content. Twitter runs on RSS feeds, Facebook and MySpace use feeds.

You can add feeds to your news and tap in to the power of the social web. A feed will increase the reach and visibility of your news content.

How do people read feeds?

To receive an RSS feed, you need a newsreader - or content aggregator.

In the same way that you need a radio receiver to be able to hear radio stations, you need a feed reader to get the feed content.

Adobe Reader can be used with hotmail

Newsreaders offer a variety of special features, including combining several related feeds into a single view, hiding items that the viewer has already seen, and categorizing feeds and itemsOnce you set up your reader with your preferences, it will collect the feeds you're interested in every time there is an update.

How to subscribe to a feed

Once you have a reader, go to the web feed you want to subscribe to. Right-click the RSS or feed icon. Select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location" to copy the address or location (URL) of this feed. Go to your reader. Find the icon that lets you add content or feeds to your reader. (In the PRESSfeed reader it is the first icon on the top left of the tool bar.) Click the icon. It should bring up a window with a field to add the URL of the feed you want to subscribe to. Place your cursor in this field. Right click your mouse and click Paste. The URL of the feed will appear in the field. It will either ask you to click 'next' or 'add content'.

In the PRESSfeed reader it will also offer you a choice of folders in which to place this feed. Highlight the folder appropriate for this feed. Click Finish.

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Hmmmm...................I will give it a try Debby
OK I have done just Debby instructed,and it worked scroll all the way down to the bluebox (RSS) feed.
click on it and it will remember this page/discussion in your favorites list.
My history of NOT getting notices when people post discussion has been beyond frustrating.
Months and months and months and more months have gone by with no notices.
If i want to join a discussion i have to manually skim through each page at HWC,tedious and frustrating.
So frustrating that I stoped posting for a long while.
The problem has been resolved
by clicking on the RSS bluebox-its that simple


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