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How many of us, who have  several years of homoeopathic practice, can boast of gaining real experience in Homoeopathy? How can we establish that we really gained experience with time?

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Dr Sushil,

We should discuss our cases with repertory analysis.

According to my experience the followings are most important.

1. While selecting curative remedy do not take more than 5-10 minutes in acute cases and at the most 30 minutes in chronic cases.(can be extended if needed)

2. Learn by heart important symptoms of at least 30 polycrest remedies.

3. Study and follow only and only one method for the selection of the curative remedy. No doubt there is many ways but I am sure that unless you master the one you will be lost because friend of all is friend of none.

4. Always examine physically every patient. Most of the homeopaths ignore this. You know allopaths always do this. Why not we?

5. Take the case in detail but quickly and always give importance to the chief complaint with modalities and prescribe on clear and intense symptom.

6. One should be able to convert accurately patient’s complaints into repertory language (the most difficult task)


Dr Sajjad i fully endorse the following,

"One should be able to convert accurately patient’s complaints into repertory language (the most difficult task) "

This is more relevant to Boenninghausen. If this factor is mastered the results can be awe inspiring and satisfying.

Experience is subjective, and many years of practice do not mean experience...what really counts is exposure to many cases (and interest on homeopaths behalf), and cure brought on by correct experience is when a homeopath can translate that into succesful case management-prefarably cure or if case is incurable a certain degree of relief to the patient...


So even though experience is subjective, translation of that into succesful cure is objective...then it is a valuable experience...


Proper maintainence of case records & their time to time analysis will provide us a particular way/line of success , weather in skin , in G.I. , in Artheritis , in Eczema , in Respiratory etc.

Then focous on  your most successfull & interesting way & practice as a specialist in that subject ( less pt. but good earning).

It is my Professional statement/ way  for "How To Evaluate Experience In Homeopathy"

On Non Professional ground we have to take part in various National Health Programmes under Homoeopathic Banner...

Rest, i am still ready to learn..



I do agree with you.
Thanks  Dr.Rafeeque


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