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Creating Waves of Awareness

There are several ways to show you care and want to send appreciation to fellow Homeopathy World Community members.
1. Messaging System
  • Sending email messages within the Website restricted to individual messaging that pertains directly with one or a few members.

  • Mass or bulk mailing is not allowed as in the guidelines to reduce unwanted spam type mailing.
  • When you click on the “My Page” menu option from within the website, you will see your name in big letters and you will also see “Inbox” on the right. Click on “Inbox” and you will be able to read messages that other HWC members sent you or you can compose a new message. You can only send messages to HWC members that are your friends. So, it is important to request to be friends with the HWC members who you would like to contact in this way. This works in a similar way to all email.

2. Events 
  • Events will be approved when the linked page has a HWC badge posted on the landing page.  You can send invitations to specific HWC members. Turn the RSVP feature on to show the guest list.

3. Blogs
  • Blogs contain your personal stories. Write something that would benefit others.  Friends can click on the “Like” button after reading a good blog. It not only benefits the author, but it benefits you by having more web presence.

  • Each member has a profile page (“My Page”). At the very bottom of the page, you will see a comments section. Go ahead and leave a comment about how you enjoyed meeting this person or how you like their contributions to homeopathy, their blogs and forum discussions. We all want to hear compliments. Promote others and you will be promoted also (by more web presence).
5. Latest Activity
  • On the “Main” page or on “My Page”, there is a Latest Activity Feed. This new feature enables you to enter a quote and tell us how your Vital Force is each day. Usually the people who visit HWC daily will see the remarks on the Latest Activity Feed. The best place to pose a question and start a discussion is the Forum.

  • It is possible to move your "Latest Activity" section on "My Page" to the top of your page, but you will more likely want your "Profile Questions"  at the top.
6. Forum
  • On the “Main” page, scroll down below the Blogs and you will see a section called “Forum”.

  • Check out the many topics where you may write an educational article in the forum to stimulate discussion. Read the many articles that members have contributed over the years. 
7. Groups
  • From any page on the network Groups can be found on the right hand column below the banners.

8. Photographs

  • On every page on HWC on the right hand column you will find the selected featured photographs. People are more likely to LIKE and COMMENT when you enter a specific Title with a complete educational description which may be many paragraphs. 


9. FaceBook
  • On the "Main" page you will find the LIKE button at the top right corner for the HWC FaceBook page. And, on the "Main" page the left side column you will find the latest post from the HWC FaceBook page. It's really fun to scroll within that widget and see all the posts without leaving the HWC network. You can click that post and go directly to the HWC FaceBook.

  • When you go to HWC FaceBook to LIKE and COMMENT we will see you more often and continue a long time relationship and conversation. 


10. Twitter
  • From the "Main" page, you can check the Twitter button on your status update on latest activity. Your post will automatically go onto your Twitter feed. 


11. Chat

  • At the bottom of the "Main" page you will be able to chat directly with members who are live on the website. 

12. Donate
  • The menu at the top of the page has many tabs to reach all the activities and sections of the network. The menu labeled "Donate" welcomes you to help support all the activity. Donations help pay for the server, the radio shows and the Health Inn Shows. We can't thank you enough for finding it in your heart to help the continuation of this network. 




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Great help for the members!

Yes indeed a great help.


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