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Entries to Cured DataBase will be going through review and approval process.

YOU ARE HERE ~> CLICK  In FORUM TAB Cured-Cases Data Base
Please take your time to prepare your case as completely as possible. 
Enter a Title That Summarizes The Case

Enter dialogue, rubrics, main themes, progress & conclusion. 

What did we learn?

Leela Has Been Kind Enough to Provide A Formal Instruction Guideline for Posting Your Cured Cases:
It would be helpful for Statistical Analysis in the long term when we have an adequate collection of cases: 

• Preliminary Data: Name, Age, Ethnic Background, Sex, Marital Status, Economic Background, Occupation 

• Chief Complaint in detail: Location, Sensation, Modality, Concomitant, Onset, Duration, Progress. 

• Chronic Homeopathic History: Associated Complaints, Menstrual and Obstetric history, Past history and treatment taken, Family history, Physical Generals including Sleep and Dreams, Life Space with Mental/Emotional Details. 

• Examination: Pulse, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Height, Weight, Tongue, Mucous membranes, Nails, Other observations of Appearance, Systemic Examination 

• Investigations: Dated 

• Medical Diagnosis: Provisional or final of chief complaint; with Associated Diagnoses. 

• Case Analysis: Susceptibility (high, moderate, low), Miasmatic analysis (Fundamental, Dominant), Phase of Disease (acute, chronic, Acute exacerbation of chronic state, etc) 
Totality (Acute, Chronic, Miasmatic) 
Repertorial Analysis (Rubrics Used, Remedies with differentiation) 

• Ancillary Measures suggested apart from Homeopathic remedy 

• Plan of Chronic Management: Treating with acute, chronic, intercurrent, anti-miasamtic, constitutional; choice of potency and frequency of repetition, Symptoms to be evaluated for response to remedy/treatment, frequency of follow-ups required. 

• Follow Up: Dates, MYMOP, Scales of improvement or percentage of improvement of symptoms.  Details of intercurrent prescriptions with totality, reportorial analysis and reasons for the same. 

• Discussion: Homeopathic interpretations of Direction of Cure, Analysis of pathology of disease, Sequence of remedies needed, etc.

Amy Lansky has a nice DataBase of Cured Cases

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