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From my first year of BHMS I am thinking of how and which part of body the homeopathic remedy acts. In pharmacy it was given It acts through nerves and tongue has maximum number of nerve ending. but after nerves what will happen. from last few days I came to realised that it is microtubles which carry dynamic power.

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It is interesting to note that you are seriously thinking to explain the remedial action of Homeopathy, through microtubles.
You may be correct or you may not be
You had put an hypothesis.
We have to prove it.
Good Morning sir,
Sir, I had already made my hypothesis.
But lacking in resources.
kindly guide me for the same


A scientific hypothesis has to be falsifiable. This is what is found in

Postulated role in consciousness

In their controversial Orch-OR theory of consciousness, Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff postulate that microtubules in neurons conduct quantum-level manipulations of matter which produces consciousness, based partially on widely recorded observations of Gamma Synchrony that indicate that information may propagate through the brain much faster than a chemically mediated neural network would physically permit. Max Tegmark disputes the relevance of these observations, and the matter remains open to debate.


I remember watching a program in horizon where they tried to discover whether acupuncture energetic meridians exist. They stimulated a point just above the eye. This was the start of the urinary bladder meridian. The researcher then took photographs of the last point of the meridian. They then took the images frame by frame and substract each other to construct a differential frame.There is no known physical link between the point above the eye and that at the foot. The differential frame started blinking when the point above the socket was stimulated. This indicated a non-physical connection.

Perhaps the energetic meridians which are duplicated in the tongue could provide you with some research direction.
Hello sir,
thank sir
Sir kindly send some paper on this topic.


With best wishes
Usha Kushwaha
Dr Usha,
As it requires complete research set up, so some one who is fully convinced that this project is worth spending the money, may take this project.I am separately requesting CCRH, India, for their interest in it.
Good afternoon sir,

If it is will happen I will be happy
But there is problem of funding, a big infrastructure?
Dear Usha,
How Homoeopathic medicines works is one of the fundamental question which has put it as most controversial system.
Yet with the experimentation by Homoeopaths right from the Hahnemann's time, it is proved beyond doubts that it works.
Now the basic question is how it work. Medicines which have crossed the avagadro's number what are the constituents in it. It is assumed that they must have acquired the dynamic properties. For any research in potency working, it will require to find out the modalities of action. Working through the nerves or other parts are only assumptions. Real mode of action needs to be explored. As far as Dr.Hahnemann's assumptions to treat the Vital Principle with the dynamic potentised medicines, simply explains that the activity are above the nerve or any material aspect of life or medicine.
We can keep on discussing.
It is good idea to approach CCRH for funding. There are EXTRA MURAL RESEARCH PROGRAM ME of the AYUSH department of Government of India. They provide fund if the project and intention are approved by them.
There are some project on the fundamental research going on under these projects.
With all the good wishes,
Hello sir,
Thanks sir for encouraging me. Sir, kindly guide me for EMC program me In CCRH and other projects going under this area. How I can approach?
Goodnight sir,

With regards,
Dear Usha,
Thanks for your interest in research. It appear from your profile you have completed MD(Hom)It is also research programme
You may visit the site of AYUSH department of Government of India for EMR project details.
After going into the details you may write for any quries
With good wishes,
Good Morning Sir.
Yes sir, I completed my MD in Hom Medicine in Jan 2010. During MD I worked on cancer. now wants to publish it.
Sir, presently I am working in solan Homeopathic medical college and hospital, solan HP.
Sir, I knew about EMR Project details and in future will planned for that.
Thanks Sir
With good wishes,
Usha Kushwaha
Dear Dr. Usha,
Always feel free to get my share in field of Homoeopathy.


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