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How much e-homeopathy, i,e prescribe over internet, is effective?

I am asking all the homeopaths colleague how much and how far homeopathic prescription is effective to treat a patient without going through the general symptoms, only on the basis of case study and repertorization , please give your views.

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Good subject
I find the lack of results seen in on line suggestions such as
"try this try that" method of prescribing.Much of this can be seen via homeopathic discussion forums and are not to bennefit the patients best interest.
On line long distance casetaking also not great results.
There are many things a practicioner misses when the patient is NOT directly in the office in person.
The practicioner cannot monotor the case,if prescribed via a discussion forum on line.Dosing/potency/repetition or not/aggr..........cannot be observed on line.
Deep chronic cases need full attention via proper full casetaking (mental/emotional/physical/spiritual/pathology/iatrogenics.......etc)
True-Acutes need a verry short case analysis,many patients as well as homeopaths dont fully understand a "True acute" symptom,thus prescribing remedies for what might actually be a chronic case with many deep layers of symptomology.This needs an anti-miasmatic constitutional approach. Also not done long distance 0n line but in person.
My oppinion on the follow up consultation is different; Yes this may be done long distance on line or via phone. But the initial FIRST appt. should be in person.
The patient comes first,not how impressive we may seem at quick prescribing over a discuission forum audience......................
Gina, now I understand your concern, response and suggestion in "Homeopathy Treatment for Coughs". Yes, consultation by phone and online is not ideal when done in a hurry. And it is probably a good idea to keep in mind, our lack of knowledge of the person asking for assistance. Your answers were very thorough and educational, so again thanks.

Reply to my own post;
To add-
Exactly my point,discussion forums are for discussions not for FREE PRESCRIPTIONS. suggestions of what remedy to take for chronic RA,Herpes,CFS,AIDS,HEP.............. is just insanity over the internet! I find this actually unethical of the practicioner.
Many many patients post asking for help on line. This method of "try this try that' makes homeopathy seem simple. WE all know it's not. Its one guess out of 50,000 possible options (remedy-potency-dosing)?????????????Yes in allopathy its one pill fits all!
Homeopathy is 180 degrees the opposite of allopathy that why it actually cures the incurable!
We, as homeopaths, need to have an ethical policy not to do quickie RX this way.
Best to refer to a qualified homeopath - always.
Great question Dr. Mallick. I have only visited those sites every so often and see the back-and-forth banter, never really knowing whether the suggested remedy actually solved the person's problem. Mostly, I read, "call for professional advice" or "see a professional homeopath," which I find the best path.

There are situations that call for acute care such as small bumps and bruises that can be covered easily with arnica. Some of the typical polycrests or emergency kit remedies may be used. In fortunate instances that actually cover the total case.

I prefer a 2-hour or longer case taking session to understand the theme, generals, SRP, modalities, miasm, etc. Then I can set a plan of action and monitor progress.
Another GREAT question from you Dr.Supriyo Mallick ~ Thank you :D

I absolutely agree with Gina and Debby - I do not think the online treatment is a good choice, either for the patient nor the practitioner. The FIRST consultation should ALWAYS be done in person, in cronic cases I do not think its possible to handle the cases without a close observation and good overview of presented symptoms. Without the closeness too much will be missing to have the full understanding of the case to follow the treatment to the fullest with the patients interests in mind.
A qualified trained homeopath can take an excellent case over the phone. Usually takes two hours.
a homeopath needs to see the patient (toddler/teen adult)visually,how they move,walk,sit,interact,tics,color of skin,temp of body,markings,voice,crying pitch,markings on nails,tongue,smells from the patient,tone of voice,tempo of voice,iris markings,what they chose to wear,the style of their hair...............................many many many more things you cannot observe on the phone,only in person.
A infant or toddler needs to be there only 15 mins then you do the rest with the caretaking parent. An older person can sit for 2 hrs easily.or in several consults.
Follow up can be on the phone,no problem
Thanks to everybody sharing their views, I am totally agree with Debby and Gina without seeing a patient , no subjective symptoms can be gathered hence on internet it is always an incomplete one by this way homeopathy prescription can't be done and shouldn't be done and yes Debby quickie prescription also should be stopped for the benefit of patients and for homeopathy, an ethical principle should be there .
Dear Dr. Mallick
Thank you for confirming that in your reply.
Many aspects of this type of on line prescribing:
1- homeopathic "discussion forums" overlook this rule and allow suggestions via the method of
"try this and try that" remedy.
This is in "my" oppinion as you say is-"unethical"(I agree 100%).
2-On line prescribing for chronic cases with only a questioneer to fill out?(often No questioneer).
phone consult,no photo,no video.
Many practicioners claim good results by prescribing long distance over the internet. I see perhaps a small % of healing(palliation or suppression is more like it) but certainly NOT in the best interest of the patient.
The practicioner boasts of success in cure,yet he has no contact with his patients?
Is this in the best interest of patients or is this for the benefit of a practicioner making money?
Gina you simply reflected my thoughts in the subject of e-prescribing, you are so right in every aspect of it, and clearly pointed out the adverse effects of this unethical practice, I hope all the homeopaths should welcome your view.


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