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IPlease remember my post in cured case data base (Pain In Coccyx Region Posted by kuram Srinivvasachar Anand on December 31, 2010 at  7:50 am in Cured-Cases-Database (Change))

After a lapse of almost a year and a half, my brother again suffered from the same pain in the same region and in the same fashion.  This time he took Sepia and waited for relief which did not come. So he reported to me that Sepia did not work.  I said, "OK Let me think about it". And I was thinking how to resolve the issue. 15 days back I was reading "Aude Sepere" journal where a similar case was dealt with. Here the case was of head pain because of a change in the mental state of the patient, the old remedy did not cure the case, but a different remedy in line with the present state cured.   I started thinking about the change of mental state in my brother. Here is the old state and new state.

Old Mental State: He was trying to bring up his grandson in his own way but was not allowed to do so by the boy's parents directly or indirectly. So he had to follow a path which was not to his liking.

Rubric: MIND- UNDERTAKES, things opposed to his intentions - Phos, Sepia

Present Mental State: Now this boy is grown up, he is more active with his friends and so is not available to my brother expect during bed time. So my brother no more thinks about the bringing up of the boy. Since last year, he has indulged himself into music field (Karnatic music) and started attending music festivals which are conducted in Madras and Bangalore. Last December, he attended nearly 90 concerts in about 25 days at Madras. He now talks about music, musicians, concerts, copies music from the internet and listens to music from his iPod 24 hours a day. I mean that his music system is on for 24 hours a day. Whenever he talks to me he talks about music more than anything else. So, I found these rubrics.

MIND — MONOMANIA. acon, anac, anan, aur, carb-veg, camph, cic, hell, ign, nux-m, puls, sil, stram, sulph, thuj

MIND — MUSIC, amel.  am-m, anh, AUR, aur-m, cann-s, croc, mang, nat-m, sul-ac, sumb, TARENT,thuj, tub.

Ten days back, I asked him to take a dose of two pills of Aurum-metallicum every day for three days and stop and observe his condition regarding the pain. He did so.

Yesterday we met and he told that since the day he took the remedy his pain in coccyx region is almost imperceptible. He also told that he was suffering for about 6 months from a left side heal pain during the start of his walk, which disappeared after walking for about 15 minutes. This was happening only during his evening walk but not during the morning walk. After taking the remedy aurum met, this pain in the evening is not there at all.I asked him to observe himself for these pains for a further period of 3 weeks and inform me. 

I request practitioners to comment about the case above.

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Dear Anand,

Your brother's case is interesting. I can't comment much on this case, but we have to consider what is truth at that time.

At the same time It doesn't mean that we should ignore the old or past symptoms. You have done good job in gathering his mental state.

Any ways It seems he is doing great on Aurum Met (in your rubrics it covered monomania, desires music and also has high responsibility). Just wait and watch.

Thank you for sharing the case.


Good luck.




As a rule we should prescribe on the present changes found in physical body as well as mental/emotional. This is the key to success and is very simple rule but unfortunately most of the practitioners ignore this. I hope you will take care.




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