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How can we prescribe Bryonia Alba to a patient who wants to or does come to our clinic when slight motion/ movement cause aggravation?

HOW can we prescribe this medicine to a patient "present" in our clinic, when he/she should be in his/her home & bed ridden, according to the modalities?

O.K.  Totality of symptom is there, but when slight motion/ movement cause aggravation, how can a patient come to a clinic?


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Almost every person of the world wants to go home.So Bry will solve every problem of every living person.
This is very weak symptom for prescription of Bry.
Homeopathy is not an art it is perfect medical science.
Dear Gina,
This is a one of answer , we need:- "does not want to move even a centimeter out of discomfort". Means..Pt. is not able to move/come to a clinic...
So send medicine to the pt. via mail...
Thanks Gina for a simple & perfect answer
Dr.Sajjad akram & Dr Amir Saleem
After getting education from a renouned medical college, after doing internship from a big Govt.Hospital , after getting practical/specialization training from several stalwarts of India & Abrod & after doing years of practice --we Homoeopaths simply came to know that Homoeopathy is a Science & Art both and it is system specially for artistic,sensetive & creative persons.

Bryonia, is a medicine, which each & every Homoeopath use in a frequent way & my simple question is "How can we prescribe Bryonia Alba to a patient who wants to or does come to our clinic when slight motion/movement cause aggravation?

A simple question it is & need a very-very simple to solve this question just read these things.
In India so many Homoeopaths are involve in finding the exact meaning of symptoms/rubrics .
eg; "Light,Desire For" Now find out the exact meaning of this rubric...there can be several meanings according to your choice then it will be easy for you to select a better similimum.(You can read books of Dr. M.L. Sehgal) This searching/finding the perfect meaning is an Art & your selection of similimum is finally a Science & using both things any can find out the answer of my question.
Respected Sir, Dr. Sajjad u r right. Homoeopathy is a science. It is a complete and perfect science, but here u cannot deny its artistic part (specially IN CASE TAKING, CHOOSING THE POTENCY,REPETING THE DOSE, REPERTORISATION) which differs from person to person, totally on the basis of INDIVIDUALISATION(which is the foundation of homoeopathy).
So, Homoeopathy is a science and art both. Its artistic part used in application (practice).
To apply any medicine u should understand the inner core or its essence or its central theme or its nucleus or its sprit which is represented by its mental state.
Its mental state can be understand by the mental rubrics .
According to Dr. Kent who give the importance :-
1) Mental (wants to go home )
2) General (< from motion)
3) Particular.
So, these 2 symptoms < from motion as u say a weak symptom and other every person wants to go home is not worthless.
In BRYONIA, in the condition of sickness patient wants to go home.
HOME:-A place where he got the security and support which is his mental state so, he wants to go home.
Sir, here u r very right because every person wants security, stability and safety. This is the reason, this medicine is frequently used in daily day-to-day practice and physicians got the result. So, he wants to go home.
In BRYONIA strong desire for security and support, which they try to find in money and property.
Main demands of life are security, stability and safety. When lacking this sure ground they became irritable, anxious and sad.
-Fear of poverty
-Talks about business
-worrying about money
-Fear starving
-Delusion, business fancies doing.
-Dryness of mucous membrane.
-< motion, morning, on rising > rest, pressure.
-Stitching pain.
-Fear of poverty, talks constantly about his business
-Warm blooded person
Dr. Ravindra Saraswat Aligarh (u.p.)


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