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How can we prescribe Bryonia Alba to a patient who wants to or does come to our clinic when slight motion/ movement cause aggravation?

HOW can we prescribe this medicine to a patient "present" in our clinic, when he/she should be in his/her home & bed ridden, according to the modalities?

O.K.  Totality of symptom is there, but when slight motion/ movement cause aggravation, how can a patient come to a clinic?


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Do you remember days when physicians did home visitations?

Today we have SKYPE

A family member can come pick up the remedy
Slight movement cause aggravation, then how can we expect patient to come and visit doctor's clinic. If I remember correctly, it is aggravation from motion not MOVEMENT.

Allen Key notes :"One of the chief characteristics of Bryonia is, aggravation from any motion, and corresponding relief from absolute rest, either mental or physical."

Nash:"As in Pulsatilla, so in Bryonia, the leading characteristic lies in its "modality." Three words express it -aggravation from motion"

However such patient can use the vehicle and come to visit doctor, even if it is an acute case. And more over aggravation from motion doesn't mean that the patient must be bed ridden.
BRYONIA ALBA ( available in Germany & France ) was first proven by Dr.Hahnemann himself & he fond this modality and later on Austrian Society of Homoeopathy reproved & found the same. Then they also found other symptoms like -wants to escape in delirium, fear of death, talks of business, fear of poverty--(a very important symptom related with insecurity in life ) etc. Then they come in conclusion that the mental state of the pt. is more powerfull then the physical state & the bound to go for the help & start movement . This is a small story behind the proving of Bryo.Alb. ( The life line of so many Homoeopath ).
When a slight motion is painful for a patient then just think -How a patient can move?
Due to high mental state the patient is able to move other wise the other medicines are- Arnica , Puls , Gelse etc...
Homoeopathy is a Science & Art both & an Artistic approch is always helpfull to findout the proper medicine/remedy. So some time we have to go beyond/on the other part of the symptoms. This is Classical ( Artistic ) HOMOEOPATHY...
When we see the mental state of Bryonia. there are two rubrics 1-worried about business 2- talks about business. This show the insecurity in a patient and these symptoms compel the patient to go to a clinic for getting relief.
In acute state all the symptoms of Bryonia not appear. When the disease is in progress, there will be aggravation from motion/movement ( a chronic state ) & a doctor have to go to see the pt. But in acute a patient can come to a clinic .
If they are not bed ridden they always come to the clinic. This aggravation by motion can apply to every part and system of the body.
Aggravation from motion, relief from rest, thirst for large quantities of water, cold, cough and constipation are guiding symptoms of bryonia
Very well said Dr. Rashmi
Actually, selecting a similimum on the basis of subjective-objective symptoms is a common practice but if one can apply the Artistic part of Homoeopathy for the selection, the result will be more better.

Why Puls. weeps so easily, Why Nux. become angry, Why Nat.Mur. is so serious are some basic questions for Homoeopathy.

Just visit a sea side & observe the mood of the sea , you can find out several facts of Nat.Mur. This is Artistic part of homoeopathy & when several so called SYSTEMS by several Stalwarts are going on to find out the best similimum. The simple & easy way for daily practice is --Just remember the definition of Homoeopathy that "Homoeopathy is a Science & Art both" & by putting the concept in the mind as a Homoeopathic Artist/Doctor any one can find out the right answer. The right Similimum.
Hope you will be agree on my simple approach, in a very simple way.

i do agree about the art part of homeopathy and selecting the similimum

Now in Homoeopathy World, we need involment of NEW SYMPTOMS in our M.M.
CCRH is doing this job with some new medicines but so many old medicines also need re-provings according to changes in Life style & Enviorenment etc.
The Noble work done by Master Hahnemann is always Final , but to easy the things, time & factor need it....
Very good point.
Thanks Debby ,
Your appriciation is a Homoeopathic tonic for all.....
Perfect prescription of Bry. For this patient by the indicated symptoms.
The bry patient "Wants to go home", "does not want to move even a centimeter out of discomfort".
Send the packet of bry via mail- Problem solved


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