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                    A female patient 17 years old is  little obese and lazy . She procrastinates in her sphere of activity and very straight forward . She cannot keep anything secret.  Despite being  a student of science stream, she  finds less interest in mathematics and get easily distracted by external stimulation like songs , birds etc. She does not want to take any responsibility and has stage fright.  She has severe fear of doctors and diseases as well. Her thermal condition  is such that She likes to switch on fan even during  winter.

                                  For the last 2/3 years she has been suffering from  chalazion on her upper lids  and  was with red inflammation, possibly an infection. On visiting a local  qualified homeopath , he   prescribed Calcarea carb in LM potency  starting from 0/2 serially and  the remedy is responding  on her as the inflammation is gone. 


                                   My humble submission to  the learned homeopathic doctors is that  since  all the homeopathic literature points  out that calcarea carb  is  very chilly, so can  calcarea carb be a constitutional remedy for a hot patient ? I have also seen psorinum is  prescribed  for hot individuals.  Is thermal conditions not so important?  please enlighten me.

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Hello dear ,
can thermal condition change constitution or whole drug picture?
If she is chilly during disease then cal carb will definitely help.On the other hand certain medicines have the affinity for certain physical complaints, here thermal modalities are unimportant
to make a note; a hot cal carb=cal sulph
Calc-c improves the immune system, hence, the inflammation is cured. Verat-a is also a chilly remedy and is a mirror of Ars-a.
The immune system is aroused when a correct remedy is prescribed and the correct remedy is chosen on the basis of law of similitude. The moot question here is that some remedy is working inspite of their opposite thermal nature . I further request to please share learned member's experience on this.


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