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Obesity is the big problem in the world.


The Way to Your Ideal Weight

by Rosina Sonnenschmidt

People who are overweight subconsciously feel that they are too light. They lack grounding and try to make themselves heavier with physical food. Underweight people feel that they are too heavy, and make themselves lighter by going without food.

This astonishingly simple explanation has been confirmed time and time again in the practice of popular author Rosina Sonnenschmidt. 
Rosina knows how to inspire her readers to take a more positive view of themselves, and addresses the tendency to eat too much or too little in a holistic treatment concept.

This concept is built around basic therapies such as colon cleansing, deacidification, rhythmic breathing exercises and skincare. This sets the stage for the main therapy with diet and homeopathy. The curative diet, given a feeling of rhythm by the “go-as-you-please day” (therapy-free day) focuses on tried-and-tested meals with steamed foods, raw juices, green thick juices and healing drinks.

  • Although they have to be disciplined, patients can always be certain: “I can do it!” 

The homeopathic treatment focuses on bowel nosodes, miasmatic and constitutional remedies. Remedies such as Calcarea carbonica, Graphites, Iodum, Nuphar luteum, Saccharum album and Hyoscyamus are discussed in detail. Impressive case studies document the success of this concept.

A ground-breaking work for patients and therapists alike. It makes a refreshing change from other literature on the subject, goes far beyond mere dietary recommendations and encourages readers to understand themselves and take enthusiastic responsibility for their own healing.

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Dear Santosh,

Thanks for your complements.

And not to conceal that, as you have asked me about grades, I had to search its help section to get the information. So your question also enriches my knowledge. Thanks for the query. :-)

BLUE = 1st Grade, Rank- 4
ORANGE = 2nd Grade, Rank- 3
GREEN = 3rd Grade, Rank- 2
BLACK = 4th Grade, Rank- 1

A colourful goodbye till the next meet.................ARINDAM.
thanks for u so,much for the trouble i have given u.
hi ,trishita basu
Good topic to discuse,which is very vast and complicated subject to discussse,one of my expericence is that,never advice to join lose wt.if he is not regular goer,because if he try to go to gym.,and then stop going after sometime. then there will be a bad effect of gym,they will regain more weight than wht they had earlier.Advice them to do exercise daily or at least 2-3 times a week,and with that u shld tell them that they shld take pleasure of their exercise instead to lose wt.,slowly this habit will make them lose their wt.
Hi Dr Tripta i have worked on obesity for 3 was the topic of my MD thesis.initially we just gave homoeopathic med and gave broad guidelines on diet to patients with good results In later stages we added the yoga classes emphasising only on weight loss asanas .After three year of study we found patients who were only on diet n exercise gained weight back as soon as they went back to their normal routine in comparison to patients who were put on hom med .It clearly shows that homo med cures the tendency to be obese.secondly we realise people in India r very ignorant about diet .We organised various health camps with the help of our volunteers n even companies like Nestle came forward to educate n demonstrate how n what changes we should make in our diet so that it become way of your life .We have to always remember to maintain our weights or to make others loose weight is a constant effort The drugs commonly used n gave us the result were calatropis ,amm mur ,graphites,calcarea group,kali carb,fucus v Q etc


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