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Few years back I had a stint as homeopathic medical officer in a reputed super specialty allopathic teaching hospital in Northern India.  Our department integrated modern medicine with Homoeopathy in the treatment of trauma cases.

Homeopathy is very effective in posttraumatic healing because homeopathic remedies directly enhance the inherent healing capacity that exists within every person. We used homeopathic medicines to assist in post trauma healing and in reducing the pain of many types of trauma:

  • Burn injuries, old burn scars 
  • Recurring and/or non-healing ulcers that have formed after a burn or other injury
  • Non-healing wounds and bed sores
  • Head injuries, blows, and concussions
  • Hemiparesis, hemiplegia after cardiovascular stroke
  • Back and spinal injuries
  • Conditions arising from birth trauma such as cerebral palsy and delayed development
  • Fractures, non-healing fractures
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Post-surgery healing-general surgery, plastic surgery, skin grafting, cleft lip and cleft palate repair, brain and spinal surgery
  • Post-delivery healing 
  • Minor injuries such as sprains, insect bites and stings
  • Sports injuries
  • Bruises, lacerations, puncture wounds
  • Post dental treatment healing
  • Mental and emotional trauma
  • Toxic effects from drugs

It makes no difference if the trauma is recent or very remote. If you are experiencing the effects of trauma of any kind, homeopathy can help you.

But I would like to add that homeopathy is not meant to replace emergency care or surgery when required, even in very severe injuries homeopathy can help to reduce the pain, to decrease the amount time needed for healing and to avoid the long-term effects of trauma.
I will discuss some specific cases in my next few posts.
Thanks Dr. Ayush Bhatia BHMS, MBA (Hospital Administration)

Eat honey, my child, for it is good. ~ Proverbs 24:13

  • Egyptians buried pots of sacred honey in their tombs likely due to its medicinal properties, ability to remain edible and useable for thousands of years. Eternal raw honey never goes bad.
  • After collecting sugar-rich nectar from flowers, bees mix it with a special enzyme in their stomachs called glucose oxidase. This breaks the nectar down into two compounds with healing properties: gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Raw honey has been used by physicians for thousands of years. Today, many hospitals worldwide use honey infused bandages to help accelerate wound healing.
  • Raw honey is also rich in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, pre- and probiotics, and a host of other phytonutrients and medicinal compounds. The wild manuka plant, from New Zealand, produce honey rich in methylglyoxal.

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Years ago a chap in our shopping centre had severe burns.  He was treated at casualty bandaged etc but came to me as still felt his chest and heart were going to burst.  Aconite 200c relieved this sensation immediately.  I probably followed up with Arnica but do not remember
Corrections aconite then followed up with Cantharis not Arnica
I remember a case of a child who had come to us post burn injury with contractures.  The burn injury was about 2 months old.  Gave the boy Causticum with visible results over a period of time

Hey Ayush, Like this, cannot wait til we see some remedies etc,

Regards Anita

These cases were inpatient ICU cases varying between 30% to 70-80% burn injuries of either the second degree or third degree.  Needless to say the biggest challenge were the 70-80% and above burn cases, who invariably developed electrolyte imbalance and their immunity was compromised.


We followed a regime of Arnica, Calendula and Cantharis in the burn cases.  Arnica helped in reducing the inflammation, whereas Calendula decreasedthe skin sloughing remarkably in higher vitality cases.  Cantharis reduced the burning pains to quite an extent.


Post tissue heal and repair,  in cases of skin grafting the role of Calendula 30 was very significant.  In a study conducted by the hospital, patients who were given a trial of Calendula before, during and after the skin graft procedure, the graft acceptance increased by 60%.


Lycopodium in higher potency (1M) is a good remedy for post burn scars.

Dr Ayush we eagerly await your inputs with regards to ER cases on various topics mentioned by you.Best wishes


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